Nowhere to hide: Cain, the first murderer encounters a demigod

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Posted by mike1002 from the Arts & Entertainment category at 03 Jan 2023 03:30:49 pm.
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In 1007 AD Mikael Shadows sleeping in a campground he made. The fire from the pit still burning and the smell from it attracted attention to Cain, the first murderer who murdered his own brother, Abel. He met Mikael at the site of the fire. The vibration from the earth's ground triggered an alert. His eyes quickly opened to find Cain standing in front of him holding a dagger crafted by his own hands.

The stare from Cain implied that he was looking to kill him. Without warning Mikael uses his superhuman strength and snaps Cain's neck. As Cain's body lay their he suddenly is revived all on his own. This startled Mikael in thinking that he is under the influence by Ares. They fought again and again until both were bloody and tired.

Eventually, they stood there and had a very short conversation; they realized of each others supernatural abilities. Cain asked Mikael what was he exactly and so he tells him that he is a demigod. Of course Mikael was aware of Cain since his name existed thousands of years. This situation had put Mikael in a bind since he is the closes thing to a god which he has the ability to bring life back and as well as kill and keep them dead and buried. The time finally came for Cain to be given the chance to die so he asks Mikael to allow him to die.

He gave no thought to Cain's request and denied it. It wasn't his doing to alter another one's decision and left Cain to soak up the denial once again about death. This rattled up all his anger yet again and searched day in and day out looking for Mikael. In Cain's mind if he kills a god than he would be punished again and this time it would be something other than immortality. Eventually, Cain found Mikael over a hundred miles from where they first met. This second encounter was so brutal that the small village burning in flames and buildings being destroyed by this attack.

Cain's primary goal was to die while Mikael was trying hard to not kill him. Eventually Mikael winded up opening a portal created by the gods and threw Cain into the underworld prison for all time. This was to ensure that he will be alive as an immortal and to be punished for his crimes. Mikael then afterwards used his power and blew out the remaining flames, and remained their to help rebuild the village he had destroyed.
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