Call of duty 4 pc cheats

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Arcade Mode: Complete the game on any trouble level. Cheat Menu: Complete the game on any trouble level. Epilog mission : Take a gander at the last animals to open the last mission. Choices menu and actuate it by squeezing (o): Enter «thereisacow mushroom 1337» and press enter. Enter "spdevmap" presently and press enter. Leave the game and burden the guide you need or begin another game. Utilize these codes: noclip: You go through walls and fly give every one of: All weapons. god: resistance. mythical being: invulnerable however the screen vibrates. notarget : imperceptible to foes. give ammunition: knob ammunition cg_drawGun: remove your weapon. cg_fov: zoom with any arna. jump_height (x): Change the default seriousness is 39. timescale (x): Change the default time is 1. cg_LaserForceOn: Laser peephole in all weapons. r_fullbright : you will see things all the more without any problem. Assuming you see every one of the credits when you complete the game, you will get to an additional Epilog mission Intel parts: Level: 2: 2 pieces intel 4: 2 pieces intel 5: 3 pieces intel 6: 2 pieces intel 7: 2 pieces intel 9: 3 pieces intel 10: 2 pieces intel 12: 2 pieces intel 13: 3 pieces intel 14: 2 pieces intel 16: 2 pieces intel 17: 1 pieces intel 18: 2 pieces intel 19: 2 pieces intel
Call of duty 4 pc cheats
FEATUREDCall of Obligation 4: Current Fighting PC CheatsBy xsisted78 | October 25, 2019
Current Fighting
The Important mission at hand establishment has turned into the benchmark of the first-individual shooter type. Notwithstanding step up and mission codes, the PC rendition of Important mission at hand 4: Current Fighting has shortcuts that permit players to change gravity, recuperate wellbeing, get more ammunition, and get any weapon when you want or simply need to have some good times with it.
These cheats are just for the PC and Macintosh renditions of Extraordinary mission at hand 4: Present day Fighting.
Step by step instructions to Empower CHEATS FOR COD 4: Present day Fighting ON PC
To apply the easy shortcuts on the PC:
From the principal menu, select Choices > Game Choice > Empower Control center to actuate the cheat console.
Press the tilde key (~) to open the dev-console.
Type seta thereisacow "1337" and press Enter.
Type spdevmap bog_a and press Enter. You will then, at that point, begin at "The Marsh" level.
Leave the level, then load your save record or begin another game with cheats empowered.
Beat Story mode on any trouble and stand by till the end credits total to open the Mile High Club mission.
Instructions to PLAY Glory MODE
At the point when you get to even out 55, you'll open a new multiplayer-just mode called Esteem mode, which will reset your game level back to one. Pound Glory mode to multiple times to get every one of the 10 notoriety awards.
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