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As one of the top young players who's shaping up to be someone truly special, Sandro Tonali is one that is bound to be a star. This is something that EA scouts have recognized in turn, which has led to the player receiving such a high score.

His pace, passing and physical abilities make him a force be faced with. The sky's his limit with Sandro Tonali, and fans believe that he'll manage to achieve his full potential and become one of the top DMs ever.

Despite their financial woes It's not a secret that Barcelona is able to construct a competent squad. Their team is full to the brim with ability and depth including Frank Kessie being a pretty great DM within the squad.

His physical and defensive skills are impressive as are the rest of his stats looking pretty good as well. So, any team in need of a good DM is going to be very well served by Kessie's presence on the team.

Declan Rice has shot up the ranks to become one of the top English DMs of the current period. It's easy to see the reason West Ham is unwilling to let this amazing player go despite the efforts of numerous great teams.

You'll be much more aggressive when you play the 3-4-3 system with two slots for left and right midfielders. Three center-backs ensure that they are as strong as they can. Pace is crucial in this particular formation, particularly for the defensive players, who have to make up for their lack of the ability to run.
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