the real-life victim Cassie Stoddart from the scream movies

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Posted by mike1002 from the News and Society category at 27 Dec 2022 03:51:32 pm.
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We all love to watch movies, especially those in the horror genre, but for some, they take their love of scary movies and turn them into a real-life murder plot. This is the real story of the events that led to the death of high school student Cassie Stoddart.

This is the tragic story of the death of Cassie Jo Stoddart. She was loved by family and friends. Brian Lee Draper and Torey Michael Adamick, two friends of Cassie Stoddart, were convicted of brutally murdering her while she was house-sitting and watching three cats and two dogs for her aunt and uncle on the weekend leading up to her death. The 1996 film Scream inspired her murder. Nobody ever thought that this beautiful teenage girl would lose her life because two teen psychopaths wanted to become a real-life ghostface killer.

Cassie Jo Stoddart was born on December 21, 1989, and attended high school at Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho. On the night of September 22, 2006, which was a Friday, Draper and Adamcik went over to Cassie's aunt and uncle's house so they could get a tour inside. Cassie, along with her boyfriend Matt Beckham, showed them the house before the four teens watched the movie Kill Bill: Volume 2. Before the movie was finished, Adamcik and Draper left the house. Hours later or so, both teens came back and parked the car down the street, and in the car they had costumes consisting of dark clothes, two pairs of gloves, and white masks.

Both boys re-entered the home through an unlocked door in the basement, which was purposely unlocked by Draper while Cassie was giving them a tour earlier in the night. They made a loud noise after entering to entice Cassie and Beckham to come down the stairs to scare them, but they failed. So they went over to the circuit breaker and turned off the power in the house, which most likely frightened Cassie. After a while, the boys turned some of the power back on in the house. Later, after Beckham spoke with his mother on the phone, his mother picked him up because she would not allow him to spend the night over at Cassie's house, but not before asking Cassie that she could stay over at their house for the night.

Cassie declined her offer and said that it was her job to watch the house and animals. Some time later, both boys entered the main house and attacked Cassie with knives. Cassie was stabbed to death approximately thirty times. Her death struck hard for the people of Pocatello, Idaho. The pain from these events will never be recovered for her family, which has to live with the guilt of losing a loved one. This is one of the most heinous crimes, straight out of a horror film.

Even though horror movies are made to give us a scare, they should not be the cause of violence and plotting to take someone's life. If nothing else, teens who show aggression or violent behavior should not be watching these types of movies. For some, it could lead to murder.
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