What is the Role of Cloud Telephony in Education?

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Cloud telephony services are widely seen as a boon by India's academic community. The power of education to mold young brains into tomorrow's strong leaders cannot be overstated. Because cloud telephony solutions streamline communication between educational institutions and students, it helps bring about this shift. The difficulties experienced by educational institutions must be investigated first if one wants to comprehend this phenomenon.

Problems that academic institutions have to deal with Many universities and colleges serve hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of students. If even a small percentage of students contact to find out about test scores or acceptance into the school, the administration will be inundated with calls. The small team of employees is overwhelmed by the volume of inquiries. When students or their parents call, many schools have to allocate more staff to answer the phone.
However, they still have trouble with conventional phone systems, such as the fact that even with enough people to answer calls, the PBX and EPBAX systems are overloaded and hundreds of important calls are missed.

How to Fix It?
Students and parents previously had little option except to constantly phone in the hopes of reaching an employee. They also needed to trust that the staff person wouldn't mistake them for someone else and give them the wrong information. Since the advent of cloud telephony service, however, everything has changed.

Cloud-based phone systems can manage several calls at once and answer thousands of queries instantly. Its IVR may be configured with user-friendly menus to assist callers to receive answers fast. The caller just has to listen to the IVR's menu and enter a student's ID or roll number when asked.
When a user inputs this data into an IVR system, the data is transferred immediately. Cloud telephony solutions have several applications. Users may monitor the system for forthcoming events like exams. An IVR in a cloud-based phone system may offer event information. Educational institutions will spend money more efficiently. When institutions, schools, colleges, and universities expect a large call volume, their IVR system can manage it.

The benefits of cloud telephony don't stop there.
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Cloud telephony service also offers the added benefit of a toll-free number, which increases call volume. When they hear that a call to an institution won't cost them anything, students and parents are far more receptive to hearing more about it. Last but not least, parents tend to choose schools with smaller class sizes because they feel that their children get more one-on-one attention. By syncing with the school's existing customer relationship management (CRM) system, cloud telephony enables this kind of individualized service to continue even after class has ended. Therefore, when a student phones a school for further information on a class, the call is sent to an agent who is already familiar with the student's academic and personal history. Having this data at his disposal allows the agent to better assist the caller. Telephony in the cloud is a wonderful tool for any industry, but it is especially useful for schools. The use of cloud telephony service in the classroom allows teachers to not only stand out from the crowd but also to provide students with exceptional service. They may use cloud telephony to spread the favorable word of mouth about their school, which will bring in more prospective students.

Get in touch with questions easily
Every university has a webpage with important information. Cloud telephony solutions make it possible for site users to ask queries that aren't addressed online. The website's widget lets users ask experts questions. The visitor hits "Click to Call" and fills out an online form (including phone number). After completing the form, a user's call is directed to a cloud telephony agent. Guests may have their queries answered when connected. Call telephony dials an agent and then the customer to connect customers with service agents. Cloud telephony service enables firms without a website to route inquiries to agents. Institutions may ensure all interested parties are served by providing a toll-free number. If interested, phone the number and leave a message to reach an agent. The agent answers all inquiries. An organization may save money by broadcasting a single phone number that limitless callers can dial simultaneously.

It's easy to send targeted text messages
Frequent communication between schools, colleges, and universities and their student's families and students is essential. Improved communication between schools and homes may be achieved via the use of text messages to keep parents updated on their children's progress, forthcoming activities, test scores, and any outstanding payments. There is more confidence in one another. Parents who are kept in the loop in this way are more likely to sing the school's praises to their social circle.

Wrapping It Up
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