Run commentary on the Lost Ark and the Brelshaza Gate3

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Posted by qiaozhao from the Arts & Entertainment category at 27 Dec 2022 01:54:40 am.
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Allow me to elaborate on Gate 3 once more. We will begin at Gate 3. I am a star. I break myself up into four distinct parts: blue, yellow, blue, and yellow. The other party is therefore the reaper.

She compartmentalizes herself as orange and yellow. Let's watch the channel together for those who are confused about the meaning of these hues. It would appear that is ready. The door is going to be opened for us. OK,The performer requested that the audience consume his ball.

I took it away. They are filled with joy right now. This is what ended up taking place. A very strong and vibrant community. Indeed, KR has a thriving community. Let's go for a stroll in the area denoted by the blue circle, which indicates that cheap Lost Ark Gold is safe to be outside. OK, transmission.

Don't transmission
1. It is not considered to be in prison if someone is hit, rotated and rotated, and then imprisoned
2. It is certain that he will ask for a counterattack, but no one is able to launch one
3. Okay, get out of there, dodge, this is a counterattack, this is a counterattack, and then you make an attempt to counterattack
4. Okay, approximately 145 is when the first stunt took place; it is colored purple, and you are required to enter
5. This is correct due to the fact that in the security zone, you must say "OK" three times, then count to 41 before saying "OK" three more times
Because I'm the first person in the party, it's my responsibility to collect meteors and participate in keyboard games at three o'clock and G point. After that, it's your responsibility to ensure that she is not unsteady. Yes, just like this activity, everything is easy to understand, clear, good, and straightforward. Going outside and then coming back inside is what is meant by "good blue, good blue, good blue."Good, good, we need to beef up our attack, we need to beef up our attack.

It's important to avoid counterattacks. You are required to travel to this location. Therefore, we are in the maze. One of the primary modes that I used just now requires you to move quickly, which is especially important if your profession does not require you to move quickly. You have to navigate around the walls and get into the safe zone. Indeed, it is not difficult at all. Okay, what we have here is not a spiral line but rather a spiral line. After that, you will be able to participate in the game by only completing dks.

This is basically free time for DPS. Oh, that is quite delicious. It causes harm to people. In passing, I should mention that my raid is very close to the eye level because doors 3 and 4 of the eye level are both 1500. Even though I am 15 years old, people still consider me to be around the eye level even though I am closer to the age of 13.

So yes,Therefore, at level 100, or rather, the HP 100, there is a stagger gimmick. Sorry about that. Either look within or investigate the outside. This time, however, it instructed us to look inside. It is moving in this direction. The wall should be thrown into the grenade, and she should be allowed to shake while you avoid looking into her eyes.

Because in this particular instance, um, the pulse is from the outside, which indicates that one should avoid looking. If the column is turned inward, this indicates that you should look at the eyes as well as the stagger; consequently, you need to obtain the position; however, each time, you will need to change the position. You can use it to make up for damage right now, or you can use it on the left 100 horsepower rung, or you can use Inana on the 43 horsepower rung because Lost Ark gold is very rough. Yes, because your eyes move, I have a side hero measuring instrument. You can use it to make up for damage right now, or you can use it on the left 100 horsepower rung. Yes, I will keep it because our DPS appears to be very strong, and it is utilized on the 43 horsepower rung; therefore, this location is the Pentagon. Or, if I'm mistaken, she'll notice the stars right away; in that case, you'll need to eat the Pentagon and launch an assault on the stars before putting Lost Ark gold in her body and proceeding to the position of three plus one. Then, two people do as instructed and obtain the shield by stepping on the yellow circle.

This attack won't kill you even if it hits you five times, one, two, three, four, and five times. It is true that you will perish if you attempt a gimmick but fail to acquire the shield in time.

The only way to ensure your survival is to give up as soon as possible after the initial challenge has been completed. Yes, you can check my content. There is, in fact, a description of it. OK, it has now reached the age of 43 years, so I need to be prepared for the stars, because I am a star breaker. I am blue and yellow, blue and yellow, yes, I am blue and yellow. Good now, oh, no, after this, good after this counter. Well, I can't do DPS, so now this will happen.

How would you describe the color of the Ianna's middle when it is positioned like this? I am blue and yellow, which means I have to break the blue. Since I am blue and yellow, I did so, and someone else did the same with the yellow. Why should the color that she displayed first not be the one to break the color pattern of the square? As I mentioned in the description, diamonds have to be kept away from the other players, and squares have to stay close to one another. This guy has a very good appearance. She has done an excellent job of entering the secure zone. You are correct; you just witnessed that artist being struck by a wall and then being drawn in. It would be a very unfortunate situation indeed if, after hitting the wall in the maze pattern, you were then drawn in. Yes, because, as you have just seen, there is an area-of-effect attack that will cause a lot of damage, a lot of damage, and if you really want to die right away, you will be hit twice, but if you don't care about dying right away, you will only take one hit. To be honest, the counter is quite impressive.

That is the triangle multiplied by three. She will return at some point. Oh, I'm on my way over there. OK, go to the safety zone. OK. The only other gimmick left to use is the zero health bar, which is the focus of the next and final gimmick.

You don't need to worry about cheap Lost Ark Gold at all because it is very, very easy, in fact very simple. You need only dress yourself in the appropriate attire. Oh my goodness, what is this? It's excellent, but it hurts like hell. To put it another way, kill 41 times, then three times, then three times, then three times, and finally once. There will be spears of every color, like these four red spears and these four spears below, and you must step on the spear that is closest to you. Take a look at the things these people are doing. Definitely, I'm going to go with this one.

Yes, this will take place in this location. Good. You can see that whenever it is resolved, she will receive a stack of them in this location. If it reaches at least six, or in our case, if we reach eight maximums, the raid will be over as soon as it reaches that point. Yes, even if you are unsuccessful, she will still attempt to inflict some harm on you, but she will use that time to heal herself. You have to remove her from the HP bars by at least 20 or more points once more. It is highly likely that this is the case, but even if it were, it would not be a problem for you because, if you were to rob her, you would know that she would pass away as soon as she got better, meaning that your plan would be a bust.
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