Lead Tracking System - The Only Guide You Ever Need

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Do you plan on generating sales leads via inbound marketing strategies?
It's important to have everything in place before you begin feeding leads into your CRM from your marketing efforts.
An important part of efficient lead creation is keeping tabs on the progress of those leads. It's crucial for gauging the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on revenue, without which you can't make informed decisions.
Read on to find out how lead tracking software may help you transform your company into a market leader and attract more leads of higher quality.
Why do Sales and Marketing need Lead Tracking?
It's impossible to attribute income to marketing efforts without first keeping track of leads throughout the marketing and sales process.
A team's ability to monitor leads effectively throughout the customer journey may reveal both the source of those leads and the channels producing the highest quality leads.
Knowing this is like striking gold for a marketing group. Knowing where to put your marketing energy can increase your ROI and help you generate more money from the same amount of work.
The results may be seen in the sales, as well. When marketing departments have more insight into the quality of their leads, they can provide higher-quality information to sales, which in turn has a more significant influence on revenue and profit.
Also, it helps salespeople learn more about their customers so they can better serve them, which increases the likelihood of conversion or sale.
Why is Lead Tracking Software Important?
Three obvious benefits make lead tracking software a need for every company. So, let's take it one at a time.
Don't lose track of leads that come in.
When it comes to demonstrating the success of their campaigns, many marketers feel lost as to what metrics to follow. Maintaining a database of lead tracking is a smart first step.
It's useful to keep an eye on this metric every month to see seasonal changes in lead production. You may start to grasp the connection between marketing and sales by looking at the number of leads you're producing. However, it is only the beginning of improved marketing reporting.

Connect marketing initiatives with incoming leads
User conversion rates on initial visits to a website are notoriously low. There are usually lengthy consumer journeys involved. Customers will look into your offerings, as well as those of your rivals, to find the optimal answer to their issues. Many of the simplest ways for lead tracking can only tell you where those leads came from during the session in which they were converted.
However, there would have been numerous opportunities for marketing to engage the target audience before the conversion. This information will be lost if you rely on conventional techniques of lead tracking. Also, you won't be able to attribute leads coming in from different sources to certain campaigns and channels. If you have effective lead tracking in place, you can see the big picture of your customer's journeys and the impact that various channels have on their decisions.
How do you Generate Leads?
Let's take a look at the many lead tracking opportunities available to us before we get into the best practices for tracking these leads.
Common methods of lead capture include:
By filling out a form
using a telephone call
Via your real-time chat feature
In a venue or shop
Let's take a look at the inner workings of each of them.
Completed forms
Create as many forms as you want to gather information from visitors and potential customers. Demo forms, quotation forms, and contact forms are all examples. The vast majority of online marketers (84%) rely on online forms to get contact information from potential customers.
Telephone calls
Leads are often gathered via phone calls, which are the conventional method of doing so. You must monitor all incoming calls to your business, whether they come from a phone number posted on your website, a directory or one of Google's paid advertising or My Business services.
Half of all marketers make use of inbound lead generation through phone calls, proving that this method is still widely used to generate quality leads for the sales department.
Real-time conversation
Live chat software was first developed as a means of communication between companies and their clients. However, in recent years they have become a common method of generating leads online. Surveys show that 33% of marketers rely on live chat to help close deals.
Finally, events have long been relied upon as a tried-and-true method of generating fresh interest in a company's offerings.
Even now, events are still used by around 17% of marketers to generate leads. It's hardly a shock. They have the potential to be a very effective method of attracting attention from untapped demographics.
Wrapping It Up
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