NBA 2K23: Who's the biggest negatives of the game's

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NBA 2K23: Who's the biggest negatives of the game's ratings? This originally ran on NBC Sports Washington. We've already seen it happen with Klay Thompson as well as Jaylen Brown. However, not everyone is content with the "NBA 2K23" ratings. This is a regular theme that plays out throughout almost every NBA 2K game: Some ratings don't always align with the performance of a player from the previous season.While Thompson's rating of 3 points (88) as well as Brown's total rating (87) are worthy inclusions on this list, it's best to omit them for others. Five of the most shocking criticisms made by "NBA 2K23." the latest installment in the gaming franchise:After being an overall 87 in "NBA 2K22."" Pascal Siakam lost one point to his current score of 86. Although he and the Toronto Raptors endured a sluggish start to the season last year, Siakam was at the center of the team's climb up into the Eastern Conference ladder. This included a 16-game stretch in March in which he averaged 25.9 points per game . He followed that up with 28.4 points per game in five April contests. Get the latest sports news and information from Los Angeles. The latest news on teams like the Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, Kings, Galaxy, LAFC, USC, UCLA and more LA teams.The 28-year-old remained consistent in his shooting playing, rebounding and playmaking statistics despite playing 37% his minutes at center the most of his career to date. Toronto's small-ball, wing-heavy lineups helped them reach the fifth spot, and despite an inconclusive first-round exit ended its season, Siakam's overall should not have gone down due to it - if you look at it, it was the reverse. The Phoenix Suns, by an extremely small margin, were the third-best defense during the regular season in the year before and could have easily had the distinction of being first. The teamwork of all players is essential to sustain this level of excellence over 82 games. Fourth-year forward Mikal Bridges played an essential part in that. Not only did he play all 82 games but Bridges was perhaps the most influential defender on the team. But that's not the case in his overall 2K23 or defense per-perimeter rating. His overall rating didn't change from 2K22; it was 83. In addition, his perimeter defense score is at 82 (A-minus) and is second on the team , behind Chris Paul's 90. If he was a second-place finisher in Defensive Player of The Year last year these two numbers are likely to be higher.

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