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Posted by iapptechnologie from the Technology category at 13 Dec 2022 12:21:27 pm.
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Building eCommerce websites isn’t a piece of the pie. Chances are that you will end up committing mistakes unintentionally. Everyone doesn’t have the fortune to work with a top web app development company. That’s where things take a wrong turn, you get bombarded with lots of mistakes that ruin your day and eventually ROIs.
Some of the most commonly repeated eCommerce development mistakes are as follows:
Overwhelming Category Pages
Splitting your products into easy-to-find product categories is useful. But overdoing it to an extent that kills your customers’ interest could turn fatal to you. Don’t overwhelm category pages to an extent that it makes it difficult for customers to find them. If you don’t understand how to keep the category simple enough for users, asking for help from a popular web app development company might be a good decision.
Lacking Security Certificates
You might like to put a deaf ear to the security certifications due to the costs involved. But this could turn out to be the biggest mistake you could ever make. Since eCommerce sites deal with sensitive user data, investing in HTTPS certification adds to your reputation. In addition, users also don’t prefer to deal with a site that doesn’t have HTTPS enabled.
Non-Professional Design
The first impression is indeed the last impression similarly website decides how users will treat you. Like a trustworthy brand or a nonprofessional one.
Unless you happen to be a very skilled designer yourself, this is one of those situations when you should not try to handle things on your own.
If the design is not a unique selling point for your company, use an eCommerce platform that has been well tested and is up to date with new design trends. Do not skimp on top personnel if the design is a key component of your brand.
Error in Technical SEO
Without promotion, E-commerce won't be able to get revenue, and before buying people prefer to search it on google and compare product price and quality on different websites.
These technical SEO errors will be a huge obstacle between your website and the audience. So here are a few of the most common technical SEO point that you must keep in mind:
  • It is difficult for google to index when you have a duplicate version of the same URL.
  • Find and fix HTTP links on HTTPS pages.
  • Redirect to the home page or site map from the pages that don’t exist.
  • Check for the Robot.Txt file and Sitemap.
Complicated Add-to-Cart
Reduce the number of stages in your shopping cart procedure as much as you can, and don't have them create an account before they can pay you.
If a customer has made up their mind to purchase one of your items, you don't want to put any barriers in their path.
Keep text small and buttons large, and eliminate any extra fields. Do not surprise them with additional costs.
Low-Quality Images
It is important to use small size images so that our website could load fast but it doesn't mean the quality should be low
The use of excessive stock imagery on websites is one of the major errors we see people make. Nothing about this distinguishes your brand. It is only injured by it.
Instead, you should make sure that you have a wide variety of product images that showcase your goods from various perspectives and help customers comprehend what they are purchasing. A photo collage is a fantastic approach to displaying your product's images from various perspectives. You may quickly produce a collage that showcases the salient characteristics of your product by utilizing a photo collage maker.
Difficult to Navigate
People prefer as simple a user interface as it can be. Your audience could be old or young. For example, you can see, it is as simple as it can be with many products and services.
Here are some points to keep in mind:
  • Everything that can be clicked on should be large enough for a smartphone to tap.
  • Give consumers access to high-level categories through the top menu.
  • Permit the customer to sort according to crucial criteria like price, freshness, review scores, and so on.
  • The "purchase" button should be obvious and simple to discover, and clicking a product should transport the visitor to a product page with information that will assist them to overcome any concerns.
  • Provide a search option for the user. Instead of creating your search engine, you should often utilize Google Custom Search or a similar solution like Swiftype since it is a laborious endeavor to create search functionalities that aren't too picky, and others have already gone through the trouble.
Missing Guest Checkout Button
You might like your prospects to sign-up an account on your site before start buying anything from your site. So you might have kept no option on your website for guest checkout. It could backfire as it isn’t a great option to force registrations on your prospects. Such behavior could annoy the prospects and they would leave you with no hope to return in the future.
Keep a guest checkout button that allows them to make quick purchases. After making a few purchases as a guest, they would surely come back to signup on your site if you don’t annoy them with force registrations.
Dull Call-to-Action Buttons
Putting poorly designed or dull call-to-actions would do more harm to your conversion metrics than anything else. The dull appeal of CTAs fails miserably to attract prospects’ attention and is the biggest mistake you could ever commit. But you could always make a comeback by redesigning the buttons for a great look and feel.
The Key Takeaway
Living with eCommerce development mistakes could take a serious toll on your profits. So you should quickly get it fixed by a web app development company. The mistakes such as poor designs, messy navigation, and missing guest checkout option come as a quiz to customers. They not only annoy prospects but also discourage them to return to your website in the near future. Better be wary of the mistakes mentioned and keep them off your eCommerce website to remove bottlenecks in your growth.

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