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The RD: I'm definitely the same type of player that you are. As you know, I work for Blizzard so that consumes a lot of my time. But I have also got a wife and children and I'm always a priority for my family this means that I don't play at the level I did when I was in high school. I'd take a break from school and play games instead [laughsand laughs. This was an important reason behind the design of a lot of the features in this patch.

You can do almost everything in Broken Shore either alone or with a handful of other people they can meet up with as you're going. There are locations like the Sentinax feature that's a type of cool attack by a command vessel in a particular POI that moves around. You can enter without any grouping if want and just participate in it with the other players.

It is possible to complete the World Quests on your own If you wish, however there are going to be others playing. The Legion assaults that send players to other areas from Broken Isles are also largely solo-playable until the final stage which is a standard three-player scenario that you can wait for on your own If you'd like. As you're doing that you'll have the option to build reputations once you've reached exalted. The threshold seal is given another patch. It allows you to continue the Emissary quests while earning rewards for this reputation. And during the assault those World Quests do add to your Emissary. Though it changes what World Quests are available in the Zone being targeted, but you're getting better.

It's true that there's plenty of activities you can take part in as a player that will want to dive in for a half-hour for example, which is one of my activities. I'll go for 30 minutes, or even an hour at an time, and you'll be in a position to have lots of fun and accomplish lots of progress.

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