Sylvanas and her narrative may be viewed even less favorably

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Adding to the sense of uncertainty is the fact that players have to wait an additional week to confront the Jailer. While the raid itself will begin to open starting on the 1st of March (a week following 9.2's February 22 release) however, the three final bosses won't be available until March 8. That means it will still be several weeks until players are able to learn the end of the tale and the fate of characters such as the Jailer and Sylvanas Two of the main characters of Shadowlands that have caused a lot of division within the community of the game.

It's a story which has, for the most part, has not been particularly well-received by a lot of fans. The Jailer--the expansion's big bad--has been retroactively connected to huge swaths of existing World of Warcraft lore dating all the way back the time of World of Warcraft. The entire millennium-long plot is more than complicated, causing fans to refer to him as playing the board game called 4D Chess that no one knows about.

Sylvanas and her narrative may be viewed even less favorably. An old-school fan favorite and her current role as a murderous war criminal and Jailer's second in command has created a negative taste in many players' minds. The reality that Sylvanas did not resign from the Jailer's position at the end of patch 9.1 according to what appeared to be an unintentional decision has caused some fans a sense of narrative shock. What is the reason, all of a sudden does this character who committed genocide and shown no regret, suddenly changing his heart? It's not known if fans will get a clear answer to that question. However, the chief quest designer Maria Hamilton said that the story of Sylvanas as well as the overall storyline of Shadowlands has been thought out on a grand scale. More minor details will are being fleshed out more as time goes on.

"I believe people ought to be happy," Hamilton said in reference to Sylvanas"story. "There will always be people who are not. It's a delicate line to walk , and we try our best. We aim to tell the best story we are able to and make sure the characters are being appropriately represented and defined."

Patch 9.2 will come with what seems to be an important turning point for Blizzard's 18-year-old MMORPG and the company itself. Many of the traditional assumptions regarding the game's features WoW is are changing as well, and no better example than the coming ability for players on Horde and Alliance to Horde and Alliance to team together to create content such as raids and dungeons first time. While that feature won't come in patch 9.2 and will instead be made available in patch 9.2.5. the positive fan reaction to such a significant shift has proven to be validating, Dawson said.

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