Scorpio man pisces woman connection

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A Scorpio man and a Pisces woman are highly compatible.They understand each other on a deep, emotional level and have a lot of respect for each other. As long as there is trust, they'll share a harmonious and profoundly fulfilling life.[1]
Scorpio is a fixed sign. Because of this, a Scorpio man is typically fairly dominant and demanding of his partner. A Pisces woman has a "go with the flow" nature. As a mutable sign, she has an innate flexibility and doesn't mind following Scorpio's lead.

Because the Pisces woman has a tendency to withdraw into her own little dream world at times, it doesn't bother her if her Scorpio man seems mysterious and withdrawn. That's a Scorpio trait that can cause problems with other signs that need more openness.

Scorpio man pisces woman connection

Emotional Compatibility
A Pisces woman and a Scorpio man can be emotional soulmates.If anyone can understand a Scorpio man's emotions as well as another Scorpio, it's a Pisces woman. Because they're both emotional water signs, they connect on a deep and intuitive level. They simply understand each other in a way that goes beyond words.[2]
Scorpio, don't be afraid to open up to your Pisces partner. While she might seem innocent, ruling planet Neptune gives her the emotional and spiritual depth to understand even your darkest feelings.

Pisces, accept your Scorpio man's deepest, darkest secrets with empathy and compassion. Let him know that you'll keep his secrets safe and secure and he'll feel comfortable letting you in.

Mental Compatibility
A Scorpio man and a Pisces woman have similar ways of thinking.These two are both emotionally driven, so they tend to value their feelings over the facts of a situation. This common approach means they often reach the same understanding. The Scorpio man tends to be the more practical of the two and might become frustrated with his Pisces woman's more fantastical flights of fancy.
Scorpio, recognize that she has dreams and ideas that she's not necessarily looking to ground in reality. Let her imagination run wild rather than yanking her back down to earth all the time.

Pisces, allow him to keep you grounded. When you sense that he's getting depressed, rely on your intuition to find the best way to cheer him up and motivate him.

Communication Compatibility
A Pisces woman and a Scorpio man need open and honest communication.These two understand each other on a deeper, more intuitive level. This understanding can occasionally cause basic communication to fall by the wayside. Their relationship will be great if they remember to be open and honest with each other instead of assuming they already know what the other is thinking or feeling.
Scorpio, learn to be a little more tender in your communication with your Pisces lady. You have the tendency to be a little rough around the edges and can say things that hurt a sensitive Pisces.

Pisces, set strong boundaries so your Scorpio man will know what he can and can't say when emotions are high. He would never intentionally hurt you—it's up to you to let him know about areas where you're especially sensitive so he can avoid them.

Trust Compatibility
A Scorpio man can get suspicious of a floaty and bubbly Pisces woman.Both signs place a high value on loyalty and believe trust is everything in a relationship. Scorpio guys tend to go deep and obsessive, though, while Pisces ladies tend to float along the surface.[3] This can lead the Scorpio guy to believe that she just isn't taking things as seriously as he is.
Scorpio, try to control your tendency toward jealousy and suspicion.[4] You might be slow to trust, but a Pisces woman's gentle and loyal nature can coax you out of your shell.[5]

Pisces, maintain your idealism in your relationship and focus on your love for your Scorpio man. Be open and honest with him—if you don't try to hide things, he'll never have any reason to doubt you.

Romantic Compatibility
A Pisces woman expects magic and mystery that a Scorpio man can provide.[6] Scorpio men have the reputation for being dark, mysterious souls. Co-ruled by the planet Mars, he also has a chivalrous streak. That comes in handy with a Pisces woman, who has dreams of being swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor like a princess in a fairytale.
Scorpio, you have the tendency to be more sexual than romantic. To truly please a Pisces woman, you have to woo her—think candlelight dinners and moonlight walks.[7]

Pisces, have patience with your Scorpio man, who tends to be more focused on sex than romance. Show him what you really want and he'll come through for you in a big way.

Sexual Compatibility
The smoldering Scorpio tends to be more animalistic about sex than Pisces.These two have a lot of sexual chemistry and can definitely heat it up in the bedroom, but it might take some time to get there. Pisces women are more romantic than sexual while Scorpio men are the exact opposite.[8] Things will go swimmingly if the Scorpio man accommodates his Pisces lover's need for love as an undercurrent to passion.
Scorpio, you might need to calm down a little with your Pisces lady, especially at first. Your powerful sex drive has the potential to scare off the soft, romantic Mermaid.

Pisces, be willing to let your inhibitions go a little. Trust your Scorpio man to keep you safe and guide you to new orgasmic heights.

Common Values
Both signs place a strong value on loyalty and trust.These common values can help you build a strong relationship that will stand the test of time. As a couple, you support each other completely and give each other strength. Together, you can find the emotional depth and intensity that you both crave in a relationship.
Scorpio, help keep your Pisces woman grounded. She can struggle with self-esteem and needs a strong presence in her life to remind her of her innate worth.

Pisces, help keep your Scorpio man motivated. His personality has a dark side and he can sometimes lapse into brooding. Lift him up to the light and keep him focused on the future.
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