7 Best Forex Brokers with Copy Trading Platforms

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Posted by sgtmarkets from the Business category at 05 May 2019 12:45:18 pm.
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Forex copy trading has become very popular for years. This is basically a type of trading that allows you to replicate the performance of successful traders at low costs. In this way, you can generate profits without related skills or experience in the Forex market.
There are many Forex brokers that offer copy trading platforms. Below are the 7 most preferred platforms:
eToro is arguably one of the best trading platforms on the Forex market. This has strongly positioned itself as an unrivaled leader, especially in the Social Trading room.
The quality of its services, coupled with the credibility gained from years of operation allows it to outperform competitors.
For novice traders who want to venture into copy trading, eToro makes the perfect platform to get started. Its simplicity makes it easy for beginners to develop without having to understand all the jargon that comes with Forex trading.
This platform offers those who want to start leading trade analysis from traders with the best performance. In this way you will not risk copying the faint merchant who does nothing but loss.
Although the withdrawal costs are a bit disappointing, eToro's credibility, simple design, useful statistics for traders and a variety of markets to choose from make it one of the best copy trading platforms.
With operations reaching more than 190 countries, FBS is undeniably one of the largest Forex platforms in the world. Most have grown to ensure that users are presented with a load of educational resources to help them navigate the Forex trading market.
They have comprehensive training programs specifically designed to meet individual needs and beginner skill levels.
The copy trading platform is one of the most sophisticated. They use high-end software to make it easier for traders to track and copy the performance of top investors.
The FBS Copytradnig platform comes with a great user experience to ensure that novice traders are not delayed.
All the complexity used by other copy trading platforms has been stripped and replaced with a simple design without sacrificing quality.
Veteran traders can also produce by sharing the knowledge and secrets they use to be successful.
This is a perfect platform for beginners and veteran investors who don't have time to do all the research and gather statistics that will help them get more.
Octa Forex launched a copy trading platform in September 2018. Being an internationally recognized broker, this platform has shown a lot of potential by enabling major traders to get from their skills, knowledge and expertise.
The Octa Forex platform provides one of the most transparent social trading services that not only gives veteran traders the opportunity to maximize their profits, but also allows beginner traders to get significant benefits from the expertise of OctaForex's most successful investors.
Traders who want to be copied are required to create a Master Profile, outline their strategies in public and set their own commissions.
If you have several trading strategies that help you make more profits, you are allowed to create an account for each of these strategies, given that the account will be ranked separately.
The parent accounts are analyzed and the trading history is stripped for the consumption of those who want to invest in it. Their activities can be monitored directly and easily compared to others to allow new traders to choose wisely and quickly.
Re-established in 2007 by Insta Trade Corporation, InstaForex has consistently proven credible and valuable. This platform has attracted many awards, including the "Best Broker in Asia" Award.
Their copy trading platform, The ForexCopy, allows novice traders to use their services to replicate the success of more experienced traders. To start copy trading, you only need a minimum of $ 10 in your account.
Experienced traders can earn additional income by registering with the ForexCopy platform and establishing their own remuneration provisions. You can charge merchants who copy you using various commission models.
This includes commissions per profitable model, commissions per lot traded and commission per day subscription.
The Foreign Currency Copy Register provides a list of the most successful investors that other people can copy.
However, if you are an established trader, basic functionality might make you inactive. In this case, it is recommended to look for a more satisfying alternative.
Although Darwinex operates on the same basic principles of copy trading, it slightly changes its services to make it more attractive.
You can still reap the benefits of the skills and expertise of high-performance traders, but instead of directly copying their current position on the market, you buy synthetic assets, known as Darwin on the platform.
The value of this asset varies depending on how the trader is buying. That is, if traders make more, their Darwin prices rise and the more likely your investment will be profitable.
On the other hand, if traders do demolition, their Darwinian value goes down and your investment may start to attract losses.
On many occasions, ZuluTrade is equivalent to eToro when you focus on aspects of copy trading. This has positioned itself as a favorite of many traders who want to reap maximum profits from the efforts of other traders.
The copy trading platform uses advanced technology to offer traders exceptional experience and maximize profits.
ZuluTrade provides a variety of functionalities to allow traders to navigate the platform smoothly. There are valuable statistics about the traders you choose to emulate and easy portfolio management to make trading painless.
New traders are faced with many features that make it easy to replicate the performance of other traders and enjoy maximum profits. This platform has been around for a long time and has proven to be very credible and worth trying.
Ayondo is another perfect choice for beginner traders. This platform is among the few that offer pure copy trading services.
It has grown for years to secure themselves in a place in the hearts of those who have just been wet with Forex trading.
Although Ayondo may be a bit restrictive for veteran traders because of its simplicity, Ayondo is the perfect platform to familiarize yourself with the basics of copy trading.
One reason why he became very popular was because of the remuneration system for high-performance traders.
This means that if a trader maintains a low-risk profile, they stand to gain more profits and enjoy higher visibility.
When you do it optimally, your account is more likely to be replicated by other traders, which means more profit and credibility on your part.
If you are new to Forex Trading, copy trading will make you on the right path to success without even getting the skills and experience needed.
To start you, test each copy trading platform listed above and choose the one that best suits your needs.
So, this was the best 7 Forex brokers with Trading Platforms. Do you find it helpful? Then please let me know.
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