All in all I would say that calling Shadowlands

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The Jailer will be known by many as being among the most frustrating people in World of Warcraft history. None of this speaks of the story of Shadowlands that has been another source of contention for many long-time fans. Through Shadowlands, Blizzard introduced a new villain, known as the Jailer, who was the creator of not just the big events from the last few expansions, but also lore-forming events which date prior to World of Warcraft. The Jailer was meant to be a genius schemer who had been working on his plan to alter the rules of the real world for centuries. But in reality, his schemes didn't make much sense and he didn't have something more intriguing to say that the clichéd "prepare to die, mortals" variety.

Fans lambasted the villain, laughingly calling him playing a game of 4D Chess that neither Blizzard could comprehend. As revealed at the end on the final Shadowlands attack, the Jailer ultimately proved to be no more a figure and more of a plot device, serving only to reveal a previously unknown aspect of universe-endangering threat. The result was that Blizzard reduced decades' worth of lore and development in character for the iconic characters of the franchise such as Sylvanas and Arthas, all in service of a flimsy villain who provided little or no value to the game's universe , other beyond the fact that he was able to make anything he came in contact with more dangerous.

All in all I would say that calling Shadowlands a huge disappointment, especially after disappointments like the Battle for Azeroth expansion--would be an understatement. A lot of players have quit trusting Blizzard's capability to produce content that people would like to see. The question now is this What happens if the one-time WoW players who were shocked by Blizzard's previous treatment of women and disappointed about recent expansions be willing to give the company, as well as the game, another chance?

It remains to be seen. There have never been more options when it comes to different MMOs that players can invest their time and money to. Korean free-to-play MMO Lost Ark (published and translated by Amazon) Recently, it broke Steam concurrent player records. Square Enix's MMO World Of WarcraftV has seen an enormous revival in recent times in its recent popularity. Its newfound success is prompting Square Enix to temporarily halts the sales of the game as well as its trial offer in order to stop server login queues. While it's still some time away, Riot's in-the-works League of Legends MMO no doubt will become the ultimate king of the genre WoW helped popularize.

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