Fully Furnished Two Bedroom Serviced Apartment Rent in Dhaka

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Fully Furnished Two Bedroom Serviced Apartment Rent in Dhaka
A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment that is available for both short-term and long-term stays. It includes housekeeping, a variety of additional services, and facilities for everyday usage. All of these services are included in the rental cost. All of the provided amenities, such as a kitchen and furniture, as well as the fact that it has more square meters than standard hotel rooms, will make you feel as if you are living there rather than traveling. In serviced apartments, you can do your laundry, watch TV, and make your dinner. In a nutshell, you can do anything you do at your workplace.

Why Do People Stay In Serviced Apartment
For the people who are searching for a place to stay for their journeys, serviced apartments can be the right choice. Because serviced apartments offer all utilities and an area for living. You can chill out after a long touristic day on your couch and prepare your breakfast in the morning before going out again.

Benefits of serviced apartment

higher value for the money. If you're going to stay for numerous nights or weeks at a time, a serviced apartment will definitely help your money go further. Longer stays in a serviced apartment typically provide lower rates than hotel rooms.
Security and Service. When you stay in a serviced apartment, you are guaranteed service from our team of seasoned specialists. These include, but are not limited to, 24-hour concierge services and professional housekeepers who are trained to know your preferences. So, whether it's finding the right pillow at night or assisting you in settling into your new location, Frasers Hospitality has you covered.
Space. Serviced flats often provide plenty of space for guests to work, cook, relax, and sleep.
Amenities. They are a "home away from home," with private kitchens and, in most cases, laundry facilities. Guests will usually be given a real work location, such as a desk or table, rather than having to use a laptop in bed.
Flexibility. Serviced apartments also provide guests with flexibility and freedom, as guests are free to come and go as they please and have complete control over their schedule.

Facilities Available From Our Serviced Apartment
>Fully Furnished Apartment
>Security & Laundry Service
>Filter, Washing Machine, LP Gas
>Drawing, Dining Space Available
>Daily Room & Bathroom Cleaning
>WiFi, Microwave oven, Geyser, A/C
>Short-Term Rentals, TV, Refrigerator

Choose Our Best Serviced Apartment In Dhaka
Our adaptable, interactive, air-conditioned serviced apartment in Dhaka comes with modern amenities for everything you need, including high speed broadband, and limitless refreshments. Our serviced apartment blends first-rate service with best amenities to offer solutions that are specific to your requirements. If you require a serviced apartment please contact our specialist. Our skilled specialist will assist you. So contact us right away.

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