Ways in which IVR System can Help Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology may be experienced by phoning the customer service line of a large airline or drugstore chain and being prompted by a voice to state your issue.
What is an IVR Calling System?
It is a method of preliminary evaluation for incoming calls to the company's customer service department. Instead of communicating with human contact center workers, IVR service uses an automated phone system where callers may access information via a series of pre-recorded messages.
To begin, clients use menu selections through a DTMF (short for Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) tone, touch-tone keypad, or voice recognition telephone. After that, an IVR calling system will either direct your call to the appropriate department or attempt to preemptively fix the problem based on your responses to the prompts.
For example, if you need to know when your prescription will be available at the pharmacy but don't want to wait for a human to answer the phone, you may use the IVR service to find the information immediately.
IVR has been around since the 1970s, but because of technological improvements, it is now much more useful to consumers and eCommerce companies.
How IVR Solutions may Assist you and Your Clients
This article discusses how IVR service may help your company and its customers.
With IVR, you may quickly and easily access client records.
Your customers' most recent purchase will be associated with their phone number in the IVR calling system thanks to Aircall, one of several firms providing IVR for eCommerce brands. Connectivity to popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify is a feature of the most up-to-date IVR systems.
In this way, your staff will be able to see relevant customer and order data, such as the order's current status, the customer's history of contacts with your support staff, and so on, which will aid in the resolution of any issues that may arise.
Reduce response times and improve ticket resolution with smarter routing.
Numerous questions may be answered without involving your support staff. For instance, if an item is expected but delayed, consumers often contact the company to inquire about its progress. Your consumers won't have to wait for a response if you use an IVR calling system to keep them apprised of the development of their order.
While call forwarding won't cure every customer's problem, it will help handle difficulties for some of your callers more quickly, relieving pressure on your support staff.
Turning away calls is a great money-saver.
A high cost is associated with each customer call made to your helpline. The average cost to your business for a customer support call made via a conventional contact center is $3.50. While a one-on-one chat with a customer support representative is sometimes necessary, self-service options exist for many problems.
They may be just phoning to complain that they can't find the resources to do it themselves. Office24by7 may send a consumer a text while they wait on the phone and try to answer their question by text, Messenger, and other channels.
Many questions from customers may be answered in this manner, particularly those about deliveries and exchanges. Up to 10% of calls may be diverted using this method, resulting in cost savings of up to 80%.
For instance, Jaanuu, a manufacturer of medical scrubs, directs consumers who have queries about the return procedure to its return partner, Happy Returns, through Office24by7. Without contacting a representative, clients may arrange returns using Happy Returns.

It can respond to customer support requests outside of normal business hours.
Always having someone available to respond to customer service requests around the clock might be too expensive for startups and growing companies. If a problem arises late in the day, you should not abandon your consumers.
An effective IVR service may take calls from customers, provide basic data like company hours, and then ask the caller when the best time to call would be through text message. The following day, without the client, even having to phone again, your support staff may immediately get in touch.
In addition, it provides a call-back function.
Nobody enjoys being put on wait and forced to listen to music for an extended period. Suppose your company's customer service representatives are overburdened. In that case, the IVR calling system prompt at the outset of the call may provide an instant estimate of how long it will be until a person is available and offer SMS clients updates as that changes.
The consumer may go about their day unencumbered by the phone call, thanks to IVR's ability to direct agents to contact them back when they're ready.
Wrapping It Up
If you are on the lookout for a reliable IVR calling system, then there is no other better option than Office24by7. Contact us on +91 7097171717 for more details.
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