Immortal's endgame is focused around PvP

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The executive claimed that he's experiencing concerns and questions regarding Immortal's microtransactions. However, the executive also noted Immortal has a very positive aggregate review rating on the App Store. Immortal includes more than 114.000 review on the App Store, and has earned a 4.5/5 aggregate rating.

Immortal's endgame is focused around PvP. Players can invest real money to become more powerful than players who do not, which has proven to be controversial.

"The money comes in after the game is over," Ybarra said. "The principle was to set the tone with great gameplay and ensure that millions of people can go through the entire campaign without any cost. In that regard I'm extremely happy about it as a way to introduce people to Diablo."

Immortal has generated more than $1 million per day since its release in June thanks to microtransactions. The game is now at 15 million total downloads LAT reported, and it's expected to increase in size and more when it launches in Asia on July 7, 2007. It's also being released in China where it's expected that it will generate massive numbers.

Blizzard further told LAT that about 50% from Immortal players have never played an Blizzard game prior to. Also in that interview Ybarra revealed Blizzard's continuing efforts to improve the company's culture.

GameSpot's Diablo Immortal review scored the game a 6/10. "Diablo Immortal is an amazingly luxuriously-feeling game in the series that hits all the right areas, even if its ending becomes dependent on microtransactions in a way," reviewer Alessandro Barbosa stated.
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