Diablo IV is now an open-world action-RPG

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At BlizzConline during BlizzConline, we learned that players are able to freely traverse the map, taking on enemy strongholds and taking them for themselves and even finding areas that are corrupted, known as the fields of Hatred. When we spoke to art director John Muller during BlizzConline, the director said that players would have the ability to feel a greater sense of gratitude towards the world through the new design.

"We're creating this vast open space in Sanctuary for the first time, where it's a space that connects. It's possible to get on your vehicle and ride from the rough and savage coasts all the way to the deserts, then go through various regions along the way," he explained. "Everything is in place, so the history as well as the mythology, all the things you've been told about Diablo, it's no longer just a 2D representation that you click to open a map. You're on your horse and it's a completely different experience. I think for the genre and for Diablo players, I'm sure that it's something everyone is going to be able to enjoy."

Diablo 4's Gameplay

Diablo 4 isn't straying far from its roots as an isometric, action-RPG that is dungeon crawling. Diablo 4 is based on the Diablo series is built around the equipment grind and loot you earn as you gain experience taking on hordes foes as well as tough bosses. there's more opportunities to collect more loot and increase your power.

As we've mentioned previously, Diablo IV is now an open-world action-RPG. What it gives players is more exploration and more chances to take part in new activities. Along with main quests, you'll also have access to worldwide events happening across the world, allowing you to join forces with other players to take down big targets, or even to raid risky dungeons.

One of the highlights being announced include PvP battles, mounts for more efficient traversal, and the tools to modify your character's appearance. Specifically, Rune Words (a feature from Diablo 2) are the method to tweak your character's character, and further adjust how they function. Attaching runes gives different effects and stat buffs.

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