The Demand For Renting An Serviced Accommodation 2022

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What Exactly Is A "Serviced Accommodation"?
In a nutshell, an apartment is a completely furnished apartment that is accessible for both short- and long-term stays, offers daily amenities, housekeeping, and a variety of other amenities, all of which are included in the rental cost.

The Importance Of Serviced Accommodation
Although costs are per apartment rather than per person and there are no additional fees for Internet or room service, serviced apartments are frequently more affordable than hotels for travelers. Due to the separation of the living and kitchen spaces, serviced apartments often feature 30% more accommodation than a conventional hotel room. If you need an apartment for a short or long visit, you will benefit from having more room, privacy, and freedom than a hotel as well as the ability to cook and host events whenever you choose.

Why Choose For Serviced Accommodation ?

There are numerous advantages to choose a vacation rental over other types of lodging:

1. Flexibility: Additionally, serviced flats give visitors flexibility and independence because they let them choose their own schedules and are able to come and leave whenever they please.

2. Staffed Assistance: During their stay, visitors will have access to services similar to those found in hotels, such as cleaning, maintenance, and staffed service.

3. Cost-Effective: Additionally, serviced flats are frequently more affordable than other types of lodging, particularly for extended visits.

4. Self-contained: Serviced apartments are personality environments with fewer communal areas, which are safer and more socially isolating, and many of them provide contact-free check-ins.

5. Interior Decoration: The majority of serviced accommodation providers take great delight in their commitment to interior decorating so that visitors can take advantage of lifestyle-improving designs while they are there.

The Service You Will Get From Our Serviced Apartment

1.Self Catering Facilities
You will have access to your own fully functional, self-catered kitchen when staying in our fully furnished serviced apartment. Importantly, because our apartments have fully functional kitchens, we can do away with the pricey hotel food and beverage options.

2. Living & Sleeping Areas Apart
Our serviced apartment allows you the room, freedom, and flexibility to spend your own time because they have 30% more space than a standard hotel room. The living area is separate from the bedroom or bedrooms in our one-, two-, and three-bedroom serviced apartments. Perfect for achieving a healthy work/life balance and improving sleep quality.

3. Facilities For Washing & Drying

It is practical for your personal and professional schedules to be able to wash, dry, and iron your clothes.Our serviced apartments offer complete laundry facilities, removing the need to use pricey hotel facilities or travel to a launderette.

4. Comprehensive Rates

There are no annoying hidden fees; all amenities and facilities were included in nightly rent. Importantly, because our apartments have fully functional kitchens, we can do away with the pricey traditional meal options. In contrast to many hotel choices, our prices include high-speed internet and Cable Tv with sports.

5. Benefits For Longer Stays & Reduced VAT
A serviced apartment's nightly rates are frequently less expensive than hotel rates, and as many guests rent a vacation rental for an extended period, there are frequent further discounts. The VAT rate is also lower for reservations made for more than 28 days.

6. Easily Extend Your Stay
At our serviced apartment , we can offer flexible reservations for a long stay, upfront reserving spaces and extending as needed throughout visitors' stays and avoiding the disruption of having to transfer mid-stay. This is in contrast to hotels that will accept forward weekend bookings. This is the best scenario for extended business trips with projects.

Choose The Best Serviced Apartment In Dhaka
We have many serviced apartments in Bashundhara R/A. You have the option of skipping unhealthy food in favor of cooking your own meals in a serviced flat. Even laundry machines can assist you finish your laundry as you do business in the privacy of your bedroom. In addition, our apartments include amenities that hotels do not, such as a gym, conference space, etc. In conclusion, serviced apartments are highly affordable in Dhaka for longer stays as well as group and family trips.

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