6 Must-Have Features of a Sales Automation Software

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Simply said, automation is crucial in sales but is not the only factor. Sales automation tools like HubSpot's Sales Hub, Pipedrive, and Infusionsoft are just a few excellent options accessible to you and your team.
Each piece of sales automation software will have its unique features and functions, but you should expect a lot of overlap across the various packages. Look for a wide range of useful sales automation options.
Six Sales Automation Features to Look For
Being honest about how your sales procedures stack up is essential. Recognize that some sales teams lack the motivation to make cold calls.
Instead of providing your sales force with vague instructions like "contact your prospects," you may establish concrete goals by assigning a certain quota of calls to be made. Three or four times a week, each sales staff member should spend an hour on the phone making calls.
When you use the auto-dial function of your sales automation software, it's simple for you as a manager to schedule time for warm calling at the push of a button, saving your salespeople valuable time.
With this software, sales teams are prompted to take immediate action. The team can get right to work with only a set of headphones and a list of calls.
A solid customer relationship management (CRM) suite should be a top priority for every business. Your company's IT infrastructure is the beating heart of your operation.
Utilizing a customer relationship management system has several upsides:
It works as a hub for all teams to share and access information and facilitates more efficient communication.
It aids in the detection and correction of ineffective procedures.
It monitors how well your business's marketing, customer service, and sales procedures are doing.
It aids in the pursuit of both upselling and cross-selling.
In addition, a CRM solves a significant problem that all sales teams have. Some 27% of salespeople, according to HubSpot's 2018 State of Inbound report, spend more than an hour daily on data input. They might make more money if they spent that time selling rather than handling paperwork.
The time and effort spent on data input may be reduced with the help of a customer relationship management system like HubSpot's CRM by streamlining manual operations
In the same vein as alerts, these immediate messages are crucial to the success of your team's outreach efforts. If your sales staff knows when a potential customer is actively interacting with your brand, they may pick up the phone or email to pique their interest.
Push notifications are also useful when previously inactive leads begin interacting with your website again. The discussion may resume just where it left off with your team.
Diagrams and Procedures
Save a ton of time and fix persistent inefficiencies with these crucial tools. You may save time with each new contact by creating a template everyone on your team can use and adapt to their processes.
Enrolling prospects in email drip campaigns that use personalization tokens and give high-value messages is a great way to set up sequences. Once a lead takes the desired action inside one of your sequences, a sales rep will be alerted immediately.

There might be a lot of back and forth when arranging appointments with potential clients. You may secure a potential client quickly by scheduling a suitable time.
60% of sales representatives have seen a rise in virtual meetings since 2015, even though virtual meeting solutions have been available for some time. Since COVID-19, when more individuals began working from home, this trend has expanded.
Meetings tools streamline internal communication, so everyone is always on the same page regarding any changes in strategy. You may, for instance, invite your sales executives to virtual board meetings to ensure that your sales activities align with the company's long-term objectives.
Additionally, you can schedule automated email reminders to confirm when and where your appointment will take place, with an opportunity for prospects to rebook and generate new entries automatically in your CRM.
For your team to effectively assess which sales materials are doing well and which may need some tweaks, you need a sales automation platform that includes robust document management tools.
The document tool allows your team to monitor engagement with the material they send to potential customers or key decision-makers. For instance, you may monitor the prospect's organization to see who is reading and sharing your content.
You will know you have the company's support if you get a lot of positive feedback and feedback from higher-ups. If, on the other hand, you transmit something crucial like a proposal but get no feedback or comments, it's safe to assume that your document hasn't been well received.
An absolute litmus test for a prospect's earnestness may be found in monitoring their document stats.
Wrapping It Up
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