If you examine the classic Diablo--Diablo 1

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Reaper of Souls, with its procedurally generated adventure games will be the next level. Mayberry claims that the expansion makes the game feel more like a sandbox, and less like a directed experience which is more similar to the original game.

"If you examine the classic Diablo--Diablo 1. Diablo the first version of Diablo you're playing the story's narrative. This was the structure that they created at the time and one of their biggest hurdles to create Diablo was, "What are the things that we have from previous games and how do we alter in the future?" The focus on just the story campaign "made the game feel less than it should have," says Mayberry. "Because you're always being driven--go there, and now go there."

Players who have shied away from Diablo due to its lackluster range of loot may also discover plenty of new items worthy of another look. Items are now designed to synergise with one another, Mayberry explains, and there are more options that can create intriguing character builds. "I was able to get something that dropped was a Massacre bonus.

It caused gold to rain down. Then I found something else which increased my gold drop by 35 percent or more to make more gold. After that, I came across something that, when I bought gold, it was based on how much I picked up.

I was able to temporarily boost my toughness. Then gold became a powerup for me! With my Wizard I would condense as many players as I could, and then burn them to ashes, and then they'll spit out gold and then I'd pick up the gold and my strength, for a short time increasing by hundreds of percent."
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