Nov 7 zodiac

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Liberal and quite easy on social norms and tribes to belong to, November 7th is a date when we connect in pure intentions and honesty that sparks the fire in our hearts. This is a time when stress and innovation combine into one, when leaders are overthrown, and new people are found in positions of power. Those born on this date understand the changeable nature of any system and could be in too much of a rush to reach goals that can be obtained in calmer ways.

Nov 7 zodiac

November 7th Horoscope
(Pluto) – URANUS – SUN – SUN
Freethinking and open for innovations, people born on November 7th may seem strange and unpredictable. Even though their Sun is in the fixed sign, they are in no way stagnant, and even when nothing much is happening in their outer world, the inner one will be rich with new conclusions and intellectual battles. Highly energized and ready to jump out of their comfort zone, take risks, and make their life an adventure, they easily burn out and push themselves too far, disrespecting limitations of their own body subjected to constant stress. They may be deeply conflicted, inside their mind and heart or with other people. It is their task to find the emotional link to the outer world that allows empathy to prevail over conflict, and love to prevail over war.

Love And Emotions
In their search for the ideal while at the same time bursting with personal freedom, those born on the 7th of November aren’t exactly what you would call "stable" partners to rely on. Although they can be dignified and firmly stick to their choices, loyal and open for lasting bonds, their inner changes might take the best of them and make them overly distant, irrational or too vulnerable when they connect in pureness of their heart.

They typically need time to find the right friendships filled with love, social circles that are truly supportive and not just there for fun, and need a partner who will be their best friend and give them safety around sensitive issues that burden their heart. To build trust in any bond, they must be completely honest themselves, and need a strong foundation communicating before putting an accent on sexuality that inspires them in unusual ways. Their independent spirit and their authenticity might make them hard to take a hold of, but once they are intimately connected with another's Soul, they seek oneness of body, heart and mind and won’t settle for less.

Neptune guides those born on November 7th, showing us how distant their thoughts, ideals, dreams and aspirations might go. It is no wonder that Mercury found its way into this interpretation, for the ideal of balance and faith that has to be obtained won’t be easily found without practicality and common sense. These individuals are to find their mission, feel the atmosphere in their heart and move with the flow, setting free from ties of the past and making deep and thorough changes to their entire ancestry. They are to find Divine Love, touch their own higher spirit, and give up on toxic influences, substances and relationships as they move along.

What They Excel In
Scorpios born on November 7th excel in all fields of technology, engineering and science, chemistry, medicine and different healing techniques. They are open for things that others might toss aside, but their inner battle often keeps them away from their true talents as they try to be grounded and rational through choices imposed on them by other people's attitudes. Made for extreme sports and extreme choices and activities, they often make sudden turns and changes to their career path as they discover their true calling.

November 7th Birthday Gift
Individuals born on November 7th are in no way ordinary, and while they have full respect for common things in life and sometimes even crave them, their gift should be special, and your energy should be invested in it. If you lack groundbreaking ideas, bake them a cake, make something they will enjoy, and organize a gathering of their closest friends to show them how much you care. They will love everything sparkly, electronic, modern, and asymmetrical, for as long as it is truthful and not too pretentious while standing out.

Positive Traits For November 7th Born
Innovative, groundbreaking, different and individualistic, they understand that their greatest quality hides in their special way of standing out. Reliable friends with a need to fight for the greater good, they are those who bring necessary changes into a dysfunctional system.
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