World of Warcraft 's Rise Of Azshara Its focus is on Flexibility

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The issue of server imbalance and merges isn't only a problem with WoW Classic. The Amazon MMO World of Warcraft has also faced this problem in recent times, with the game starting to integrate low-population servers with one another.

World of Warcraft 's Rise Of Azshara Its focus is on Flexibility

World of Warcraft 's latest expansion has been in full swing, with regular story events and content updates that continue the ongoing story that is the Battle of Azeroth. Blizzard has just announced the second major update, called Rise of Azshara which will take players to the secluded city of Nazjatar to confront Azshara herself, along with the new city of Mechagon where gnomes are replacing themselves with cold equipment.

This expansion continues the narrative of Battle for Azeroth and focuses heavily on a wide array of character customization options. From the newly-introduced Heart of Azeroth and Essences menu to a card with sockets, to more flexibility for your mounts Rise of Azshara is squarely focused on offering players at the top of the game an increased degree of control. P2Pah spoke with technical director Frank Kowalkowski and senior game designer Jeremy Feasel about the ongoing story as well as the mechanical flexibility and more.

Rise of Azshara continues the continuing story of a huge conflict, but the new plot makes it much more personal. It features Thrall seeking an unhurried life only to find out the impossible. Feasel says that in the intense battle, they decided to take a moment to pause and re-connect with these larger-than life characters.

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