As far as mechanics and the lore of the game wow

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As far as mechanics and the lore of the game, the team doesn't seem to be slowing down in any way. World of Warcraft is a mixture of fantasy mythologies and the heroic struggle for power, and that adaptability gives the team plenty of opportunities to discover. For instance, the Battle for Azeroth is deadly serious, yet it's Rise of Azshara expansion shows the duality of the world. Azshara's cave is dark and dark, whereas the lost city of Mechagon is frequently fun and fun. Blizzard feels this is the strength and dynamism of the universe.

"I consider one thing that is fascinating about it is that the World of Warcraft universe--we go to another planet to fight an ancient god, and then other days you're rescuing pigs on Goldshire," Feasel said. "We are able to tell completely different storylines. We can create very different characters. One of the most exciting aspects of creating World of Warcraft is lifting characters from a side-quest that is nothing to be something fans really want to follow and has an official World of Warcraft card made about her. It's something we work for all the time because the world is filled with different people and characters around the world that we can draw inspiration from. I'm sure we're only scratching the surface."

Rise of Azshara is scheduled to launch this summer. If you're looking for a retro feel, Blizzard has also announced World of Warcraft Classic will start on August 27. with a beta set for this week and stress tests over the duration of the summer. Listen to our interview with team leaders on the process of bringing WoW Classic back to life and take a look at the gorgeous 15th Anniversary Collector's Collection that will be available in October.
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