World Cup broadcast disrupted

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 24 Nov 2022 02:47:04 am.
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World Cup broadcast disruptedThe mysterious interference of Al Jazeera TV, an Arab satellite channel, with the TV broadcast of the Summer World Cup has been traced back to Jordan. Jordan seems to have retaliated angrily after the agreement to allow fans there to watch the game for free broke.
The first match between South Africa and Mexico was disrupted, resulting in blank screens, pixelated images and wrong language comments. Millions of Al Jazeera sports channel subscribers in the Middle East and North Africa region shouted loudly. This happened seven more times in the biggest competition of the championship.
Al Jazeera has the exclusive pay TV right to broadcast the World Cup to all Arab and North African countries and Iran, and charges up to 100 pounds for a monthly subscription package or subscription card to watch the feed.
Angry fans rioted at a cinema in Dubai, where a bad reception ruined a match. English-speaking viewers have to endure audio in Arabic or French.
With the smooth preparation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this winter, new technologies are being used to ensure the safety of venues and TV broadcasting.
Anti-drone jammer
The methods to eliminate bad UAV activities to protect the surrounding areas vary widely. Hunter drones with nets will become a common sight at the Qatar World Cup. These methods range from long-range weapons on the ground to eagles used with other raptors. The jamming system can fully understand the airspace far away from the stadium and eliminate the problem in the bud before it becomes a threat.
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UAVs pose a unique modern threat to public safety, whether it is inadvertent amateur pilots who inadvertently fly into the controlled airspace, unwelcome surveillance, or worse.
TX-WRJ03 built-in 868/915MHz
It is possible to customize the frequency of the jammer. Just send us your query and we will provide you with the best suggestions. As usual, our cellphone jammer is only designed to cut off the downlink, so it will not interfere with the base station and repeater.
In the near future, consumer UAVs can even exceed the speed of 300 miles per hour, and when multiple equipment clusters are used, the defense needs to be strong.
Design jamming system according to project requirements. Jammers are used in many different scenarios. Find the most suitable gps blocker for your needs, and care about the entire wireless signal frequency spectrum of each possible application.
Trolley box type UAV countermeasure system
However, nature has perfected air agility over millions of years, and the ability of UAVs to move laterally and change direction rapidly cannot be compared with that of raptors. The drone radio frequency jamming system detects the radio frequency between the UAV and its controller and can cut off this connection, making the equipment unusable.
The reliable way to shoot down UAVs is to use electromagnetic pulses. These can immediately destroy the circuit of electronic equipment through the strong voltage triggered by it. These can be launched from the ground and have a higher success rate in eliminating threats. As consumer UAV technology becomes more complex and easy to use, authorities must invest in appropriate defensive measures to protect the public. Such investment will be crucial in this arms race to protect our airspace from autonomous threats.
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