The high-level philosophy was to allow classes wow

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The high-level philosophy was to allow classes some variety in the activities they are able to play. We've made many changes , and it's possible that there will be more to come, but we did all that we were comfortable with and that's one aspect we'll continue to iterate on and continue to work on. In terms of adjustments, Jay can probably speak more clearly to this .

It's true, but our target for 7.1.5 was similar to what Adam said, to explore different play styles for a number of specifications we wanted modify in some way, however the most important focus was on potential. The focus was on balancing talents across rows and trying to revive under-used or underutilized talents. I'm sure we'll witness a lot of that developed as players experiment with different designs on live.

It was generally not a intention to significantly buff and change the specs of the entire process. The volume of changes was the reason for lots of variation in the beginning of the live version 7.1.5 now to see where the user is either over or under their previous levels or should be. It's likely that there will be some changes coming out ahead of Nighthold.

During Legion development there was an extensive initiative to bring fantasy first moving forward for all classes. It was everything about the mechanics we have on the classes, to the way that the spell visuals were constructed to how animations came out. It was heavily associated with our combat revamp initiative which basically charged felt like actually a big and hefty charge instead of, "I'm just kind of going up against a guy."
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Posted by chanvova at 23 Nov 2022 06:38:55 am.

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