GPS jamming requires very little jamming energy

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 23 Nov 2022 03:05:14 am.
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As long as the mobile phone (UE) is prevented from sending signals to the base station, the shielding function is basically implemented, resulting in the shielding of the UE and the base station. As an alternative, the tracker supports the so-called cell location (also known as GSM location or mobile phone location). The main principle of the shielding instrument is to scramble a certain frequency band (most uplink frequency bands) and transmit useless signals. For example, in aviation or the military, special antennas can only receive signals from a certain direction. Most shielding devices mainly interfere with uplink signals. The reason is that the transmission power of the mobile phone is 23 dBm, that is, 2 watts. Prevent GPS jammers and jammers In specific areas related to safety, the use of complex technologies will reduce the effectiveness of GPS jammers.
In this regard, there is always a residual risk that GPS positioning will be destroyed by criminal energy to disable anti-theft protection or use the vehicle for unintended purposes. If your portable jammer signal is weak or there is no phone signal, you may need to consider turning off your phone to save battery power. However, if you are not connected to a WiFi network, continuing to use the WiFi interceptor may drain the battery. However, this technology is quite impractical for companies in the logistics and transportation, trade, construction, or service industries that want to use GPS tracking to monitor cars, trucks, or construction machinery in their fleets.
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On the other hand, they tend to work on batteries for a short time and cover only a small area (about the size of a person's body). You can buy the cheapest jammers (those that only block very specific types of signals - such as mobile signals) for $30 to $60.The mobile intelligent GPS tracking transmitter provides the option to continue positioning the vehicle in the case of GPS interference. If you decide to purchase one of the professional models, you must invest a lot of money in it - at least $500.This means that it is no longer possible to use the GPS tracker for GPS tracking of vehicles. Even small GPS jammers can jam signals within a radius of about 10 meters. On the plus side, you don't have to worry about getting a separate GPS or wifi blocker.
If the shielding area is too large, it may affect the normal use of mobile phones by neighbors, and it is also easy to complain. Jammers can operate on the same or adjacent frequencies. The field strength and the type of interference wave of the jammer are very important. As long as the shielding range of the household signal shield can shield the children's room, the area is basically within 20 square meters. Because the transmission power of GPS satellites running in orbit more than 20000 kilometers above the earth's surface is relatively low. Typically, these models can block various signals, including cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and radio communications.GPS jamming requires very little jamming energy to temporarily or completely block the GPS signal.
For this reason, the electromagnetic wave is transmitted, and the signals and waves of the interfered transmitter are completely or partially superimposed, making them unusable. Therefore, when choosing a household mobile phone signal blocker, you can choose the one with lower power, so that the price of the blocker GPS will be lower. In areas with good WiFi signals and poor cellular network coverage, WiFi calls will help save battery life. However, it should also be noted that the use of GPS jammers may result in serious criminal penalties. Because the purchase and use of GPS jammers are not only prohibited but also can be very dangerous because radiation can also damage sensitive instruments (such as ambulances or traffic control systems). Interpol statistics also prove that using GPS trackers installed on vehicles to locate vehicles or trucks is an effective way to locate stolen vehicles, even if these vehicles have been taken abroad.
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