Blizzard hopes that through story hooks wow

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Blizzard hopes that through story hooks and the new mechanics, as well as checking in with beloved characters, it will sustain the game's popularity. The studio has stopped reporting active players in the year 2015 and the increase of online games and genres like the loot shooting and battle royale have meant that it's not the undisputed king of the social-oriented online game.

"[Players are] likely to drop off because of a variety of factors. Sometimes it's because I moved or traveled overseas," Kowalkowski said. "I think that what we do is to create the most compelling game that we can. Rise of Azshara is a reaction to lots of feedback we received internally as well as externally. This was in regards to desire to give players more flexibility, choice, and agency."

As part of the process of sustaining the game involves welcoming players who've been away for long periods of time or have not ever played World of Warcraft before. With so much work to complete after 15 years, Rise of Azshara attempts to make the on-ramp smoother than ever before and allows players to reconnect with their friends who may have already put hundreds of hours playing the game.

"Something that we're studying in particular with Rise of Azshara is making sure that characters don't lose their level at any point in their levels, and will quickly rise to the point that they're playing with their friends within Nazjatar and Mechagon," Feasel said. "So for the players who decided to stop playing as soon as Tides of Vengeance came out and you're not playing anymore, it's going be easy for you get your next level up to unlock your first Essence. In order to ensure you're not far behind, and you can just get started and play with them. You can begin collecting essences now."
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