To trade in these fragments of rage

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Posted by haoxiuyun from the Agriculture category at 22 Nov 2022 01:16:37 am.
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To trade in these fragments of rage for rewards in PvP, cosmetic armor sets, and other cool things, you'll have to exchange them in the field in the area where you might be assaulted.

If you're attacked or slain while carrying them you'll drop them. And the victor can take them away from you. This is a lively area but it's also completely free as well. We'll notify you that you're entering the zone. Yeah. So , if you're not interested to engage with PVP You're not missing out.

Fergusson Yeah. Then, among the aspects I find appealing about it is that when you're accumulating these accusations of hatred, if you're enjoying success as a PvP player and keep taking on other players and win, you'll get to this point where then you're tagged as "Oh, we know there's this high value PvP player that's out there."

It's almost a shout for people to show up and take you down and assault you. It's a reward on your head , as the person who finds the shards and sell them for huge payouts. And so that idea is that if you're truly strong then more people are likely be aware of you and will be able hunt you down.

So you spoke a bit about the endgame , and the other ones you've shown off and also mentioned that it's the start for a new kind of game called Diablo 4. Can you talk about what that means? It is obvious that people are familiar with endgames, but it was like you were trying to accomplish more with it , rather than playing the game for hours.

Fergusson: Yeah. There are many who don't understand the concept of an ending. They're probably familiar with different games with the idea of beginning over is stronger but the idea of ending game is actually about what happens after the story ends. Is there still a game there to play? We're super proud of with Diablo 4.
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