The biggest jackpot wins of all time

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The biggest jackpot wins of all time
The chance of winning the jackpot in a common lottery draw is 1 in over 300 million. Even from casino games, you usually get out as a loser. And yet: We like to gamble and we gamble a lot. Gambling exerts a certain appeal on us humans and makes us sit down at the gaming table or machine again and again or buy a new lottery ticket despite the actually not-so-rosy prospects for winnings.
One of the reasons that make gambling so appealing is the possibility of high winnings. Even if we know how unlikely big winnings really are, we would still like to win them. That's why we accept the small chance. We even tend to prefer to lose our big winnings if there’s a chance to increase them even more, which explains the popularity of so-called progressive jackpots you can find mostly in online slots. The small hope for the big millions is enough - that is the phenomenon of gambling.
Lottery vs. casino - a comparison of potential winnings
Regardless of whether it's a casino or a lottery - the allure of winning and the luck factor it contains are exactly what keeps us coming back for more. But there are also some differences between the games. Namely, the possible maximum winnings and the winning potentials differ significantly, both between the individual lotteries and the individual casino games, and more generally between casino and lottery games.
But it is not only in the winning potentials that lotteries and casinos differ from each other; there are also differences in the available gaming options. Lottery tickets must necessarily be paid for with real money, free participation without deposit is not possible. Since casinos have long been found online, the situation here is quite different. Thanks to various bonus offers, real money play is also possible for free in Internet gaming halls without a deposit.
The casino provides a certain amount of real money, for example 5€ or 10€, for the player, which can be used for bets.
Thus, with the appropriate bit of luck, real winnings can be achieved even without any risk on your part.
The 6 most spectacular winnings in lotteries and casinos
But now for the most spectacular wins, the biggest sums that have amazed the world and further spurred fans of gambling to chase big millions.
The top 3 biggest lottery wins
If you're looking for the really big lottery wins, you have to look across the pond to the United States. Because our lotteries definitely don't come close to their payouts. Of course, this is also reflected in the biggest lottery winnings of all time, which is precisely why they all come from America:
1.59 billion US dollars - PowerBall
The highest lottery win of all time came in 2016 in a drawing for the PowerBall lottery. The almost unimaginable winning sum of 1.59 billion dollars was paid out. An amount, however, that had to be shared by several winners.

877 million US dollars - MegaMillions
The second-highest payout, but the largest single lottery win worldwide was claimed by a winner of the MegaMillions jackpot from South Carolina in 2018. It was also reported in Handelsblatt.
768 million US dollars - PowerBall
Slightly narrower, but still incredibly large, is the jackpot in third place, which was taken by a winner of the PowerBall lottery in 2019. There was a whopping $768 million in the process.
Top 3 biggest Las Vegas wins
More common than big lottery wins in the world of gambling are actually only big casino wins. However, it should be noted that these also involve larger stakes compared to simple lottery tickets.
39.7 million US dollars - Excalibur
With this proud sum of winnings, a young engineer got out of his gaming night in Las Vegas in 2003. A $100 bet actually turned into a $39.7 million jackpot win. In short: Enviable.
27 million US dollars - Palace Station
A simple slot machine, namely the Megabucks slot, brought a 60-year-old casino visitor at the Las Vegas casino Palace Station a hefty 27 million US dollars, and that too with a single grandiose jackpot win.

21 million US dollars - Mirage
A two-time millionaire winner is in third place on our hit list. The US veteran cracked a $4.6 million jackpot on the opening night of Mirage Casino in the first step, and the fabulous jackpot of $21 million a few years later.
Lotteries and online casinos in Europe
In Germany and even in the whole of Europe, it is not possible to keep up with the very large sums of money that can be won in American lotteries and casinos. But of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't impressive winnings here in the world of virtual gambling. These are what we are going to talk about in the following.
The biggest lottery winnings in Germany and Europe
Even if we are no longer talking about billions here - the highest winnings of the European lotteries are still impressive:
209 million euros - SuperEnalotto
Probably the most popular lottery in Italy, SuperEnalotto paid out an incredible 209 million euros to the lucky winner in 2019. Even to this day, that is still the largest single winning amount ever in Europe.
200 million euros - EuroMillions
A player from France also picked up this impressive winning sum in a draw for the EuroMillions jackpot as recently as 2019.
190 million euros - EuroMillions
Some players of the EuroMillions lottery have already been able to enjoy a proud 190 million euros in winnings. While the winners from Spain and Portugal had to pay taxes on their winnings, the two players from Great Britain, who also managed to win the 190 million euros, were able to enjoy the entire winning amount without paying taxes.

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