Tihar prison gets better jammers, more patrols

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 18 Nov 2022 02:13:27 am.
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Earlier this year, a Rohini businessman received a video call from Tihar prisoner Rahul Kalla demanding Rs 5 crore, who also sent him a photo. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the application of electromagnetic railguns, laser weapons, high-power microwave weapons, electronic warfare systems and other equipment to achieve efficient guided weapon cluster defense. Drone swarms usually have a large number of drones, and using a single method to combat drone swarms may have limited effectiveness. In addition to mobile phone tracking, major prison authorities have been urged to increase the frequency of raids.
Prison authorities are also expected to coordinate with Delhi Police to monitor calls made from prison premises and trace the location of callers.UAV swarms can counterattack through "soft-kill" methods such as electronic jamming or cyber attacks, destroying the signal connection between the uav jammer swarm and the remote control, causing the UAV swarm to lose control or return automatically. In addition to having better jammers, we will also step up patrols to ensure that the routes for smuggled mobile phones are open. In May 2016, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments published a research report titled "Winning the Guided Weapons Swarm Race: Rebalancing U.S. Air and Missile Defense" that the U.S. military should respond to large-scale "guided weapons swarm" attacks, and air defense and antimissile systems should Make a transformation.
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The higher prison authorities are responsible for planning the procurement and setting up of these jammers. Anti-UAV swarms should focus on the entire UAV swarm system, combining software and hardware, attacking the entire system from the perspective of system confrontation, and using it in a comprehensive manner. Construct a new system that organically and seamlessly integrates traditional/new interception systems. Police later traced the phone to the prison and filed a report with authorities.
In particular, we must vigorously develop high-efficiency and low-cost new defense methods such as high-power microwave weapons and pay attention to the development of countermeasures against drone clusters. The jammers will be installed in Mandoli and Rohini prisons, which currently do not have signal jammer device. In addition, a special team was set up to verify material brought into the prison by visitors or strangers. Therefore, it is also necessary to use "hard kill" methods to counter drone swarms, such as missile interception, laser interception, drone "suicide" interception, capture net interception, and air barriers.
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It is important to note that the use of new counter-drone swarm warfare methods is sometimes restricted. During an investigation, it was discovered that criminals were using WiFi to make phone calls inside the prison. Jammers currently in prisons, which 4G jammer signals, have been rendered ineffective as inmates use 4G SIM cards to make calls and stay in touch with fellow prisoners while incarcerated. For example, lasers are greatly affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fog. However, the “soft kill” approach may not be effective if drone swarms use autonomous means to attack, break away from remote information interactions, and strengthen the protection of information interactions within the swarm. Many of them use standard SIM cards to make calls and then destroy those cards.
Therefore, anti-drone cluster operations must not only make full use of the advantages of new methods but also give full play to the effectiveness of traditional methods to achieve "seamless connection" and "echelon connection" between the two in order to effectively deal with UAVs cluster. Tihar Prison gets 4G jammers to stop inmates from using their phones; raids to keep checks With the heavy use of mobile phones by inmates in Tihar Prison, the prison authorities have decided to install 4G cell phone jammer and block inmates outside the prison from their accomplice's communication channels between them.
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