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Posted by anqilan456 from the Agriculture category at 18 Nov 2022 01:00:10 am.
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The latest addition to Lost Ark's ever-growing list of classes is due on the 20th of July this being an advanced class of the mage type which is the card-slinging Arcanist .

A new blog post from the Lost Ark's Western publisher Amazon details how the new class will be to be played prior to the game's July update. The Arcanist is a class that combines a card deck with magic that will deal damage to enemies, Gambit-style. Arcanist abilities come in three varieties: Normal skills including Stacking and Ruin skills.Normal techniques are nothing special however, they are able to deal damage and can build up a distinct card Deck meter. Stacking and Ruin skills, but they are what make the Arcanist distinguish themselves. Stacking abilities can create four stacks of stacks that can be stacked on an opponent's target. If a Ruin skill strikes the same target, the stacks will be depleted, and the target is at risk for huge damage.

The Arcanist's special skill, Card Deck allows her players to choose random card from the deck which can be used to achieve various effects, including giving an additional attack speed boost to making all attacks have a greater chance of generating a crucial strike. It is possible to store two drawn cards at a time to use as they it appropriate, creating potentially deadly combos.

Two important class engravings are available for players to pick from. Order of the Emperor puts an emphasis on Normal skills and it also enhances the Deck mechanic, giving Normal attacks more damage, and Card Deck replenishment. It also adds a powerful card, the Emperor to the deck of an Arcanist. Another engraving for the class, Empress's Grace, is specifically designed to use arcanist's Stack as well as Ruin mechanics to do more severe damage.
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