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Yes, the elixir is in sufficient quantity, and it will definitely satisfy each of you. I invite you in. Not to hear you quarrel, but to discuss something important. As soon as they heard that the elixir was sufficient, they were overjoyed. "You're early," they said to yuan yuan. Say With these words, the five people were all full of spring breeze and pleasant faces. You humbly let each other sit down. Come down, there is still half a minute to live and die? But yuanyuan was in a cold sweat. Fu Shizhen, who was in a good mood, said to yuan yuan with a red face, "You say, you say, what is there?" As long as the elixir is sufficient, everything is easy to discuss. yuan yuan shook his head and said, "Please come in for the distribution of the elixir.". Dan medicine is sufficient, I think the future of the empire to use Dan medicine, can form a system, all the emperor The major departments of the country, such as the official offices of the four ministries, the three courtyards, and the sixteen departments, and the star masters and star guards, As well as the imperial army, the police officer, the elixir can and the water jade, the soldier armor and so on, becomes the essential equipment. How about setting up a whole department by the Empire to dispatch and distribute the products? Hearing yuan yuan's fantastic idea, everyone was stunned,impact beam tubes, and the minister of government affairs, Zhan Xingshi, was all eyes. Flash, sink one's voice way: "This nature is a big good deed, even if the emperor, I want to also pray Dan." Medicine can be like Shuiyu, Bingjia and so on. As a necessity to equip all the astral masters of the Empire, after all The magic effect of the elixir is here! It's just, can you make so many elixirs? The entire empire The demand is not small. yuan yuan nodded and said, "There should be no problem with the number of elixirs." As he spoke,beam impact tubes, he turned his head. He said to Prince Rui, "How much water and jade does the star master of the Empire need to equip in a year?" Prince Rui, who had served in the Ministry of Government Affairs for a long time, was very clear about this and made a slight summary. "About four million for the top grade, and about seven million for the middle and lower grade," he said. yuan yuan nodded his head and said, "Although the elixir is as necessary as Shuiyu and Bingjia." Prepare, but the quantity need not have water jade so much, I think, "black jade intermittent pill nine turn easy tendon." Dan. Three million each. Is that enough for a year? Prince Rui smiled and said, "Enough, enough!"! Nature is enough! In this way, I intend that Prince Rui, as the collector of the imperial elixir, will give it to me directly. What do you think, Yi? yuan yuan suddenly shocked the world. When they heard this, they suddenly smiled. Turned his head and looked at Prince Rui. Zhan Xing Shi Xin Sighed: "Prince Rui really made a powerful ally. yuan yuan helped him. It's really not true." Spare no effort! And with yuan yuan's help, his crown prince is hard to be even if he wants to be unstable. As soon as Prince Rui was stunned, he realized yuan yuan's intention. The heart is greatly moved, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, to him incomparably. Nodded gratefully. At this time, Prince Rui was designated as the crown prince by the emperor, and his position was not very stable. Plain, that is, nothing has made any decent contribution. ” Ban Xiaofu Ruo Rui Wang Wu. Be able to match the elixir as a necessity with the expensive name of Lan Liuer. Clan, officials, star guard, the army to do this thing, can be a great credit. Status It's even easier to settle down. After all, when the time comes, the elixir will be like the military pay, water jade, Armor, like penetration into every corner of the empire, every star division, almost all of the empire. The star master can benefit from it. He is grateful to Prince Rui. How can Prince Rui be unstable? And want to go a step further, yuan yuan made it clear that he wanted Prince Rui to trade with him, and the emperor must be happy. See its success. And the newly established unified distribution department of elixirs in the empire will also be led by Prince Rui. Palm. Mastering the supply of elixirs in all departments of the empire, this is a real power, equal to the emperor All the departments of the country looked up to him, so that Prince Rui could cultivate his personal power and increase his voice. Hope, the benefits can be incalculable. At the same time, the three marquises understood yuan yuan's painstaking efforts and knew that he was helping Prince Rui to consolidate the crown prince. I also know that since he has this proposal, the right to distribute elixirs in their various departments will be returned to Prince Rui. Here, there must be some compensation for them. They all nodded in agreement at the moment. Can not think of their own embarrassment, yuan yuan all see in the eyes, and also thought of a solution for themselves. Fa threw such a credit on his head, and Prince Rui didn't know what to say for a moment. Only Holding yuan yuan's hand, he repeatedly said, "yuan yuan, I wrote down your affection. I swear, I'm Tang Rui." If you really sit on the throne, you will share the glory with you and never break your promise! Shang Mubai snorted beside him and said, "Your Highness, don't just say something empty first.". This Should the price of the elixir be agreed upon first? yuan yuan is already with Shang Ruo at this time. Established under the relationship, Shang Mubai not only no longer suppress him, but fair and aboveboard, can not wait for. The future son-in-law is competing for benefits! The old fox has been trained in the imperial politics for several years. A strong ability to roll on the steel plate and catch money in the frying pan, and want to occupy him or his relatives. Cheap, that is simply no way! Prince Rui smiled, nodded and said, "Yes!"! It should be! yuan yuan, how much do you want? Less, just ask, and I can decide this matter. Knowing that yuanyuan will not ask too much, since Come up with the elixir as a necessity to equip the army, the natural price of yuan source will also be set in the empire. Within the scope of accommodation, so Prince Rui opened his mouth generously. yuan yuan net wants to speak, Shang Mubai already continued to pick up the conversation lightly way: "yuan yuan, you want." The price can not be too high, how to say, now you are also a noble of the empire, to be more for the empire. Think about it! Well, just turn it over directly according to the price sold to the Department of Security and the Department of Government Affairs. Double is, if the empire does not want to use all the water jade settlement, then use the same value of the crystal, gem. Conversion also becomes. Everyone here knows how much an elixir is worth. The price is simple. It is extremely cheap, and for an empire with strong financial resources, it is completely 90 cents. You don't care, do you? yuan yuan a listen,stainless steel 304 pipes, scared a lie, he had intended to sell to the price of the empire, is to sell to.
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