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"Where is the host?" Ma Hongjun shouted twice, although he was a little short of breath, but he was still very excited. Not only because of the excitement of the battle, but also because of the excitement brought to him by the soft body in his arms. The white aloes bird leans in the bosom like a person. The clothes are all wet again. The feeling of holding her is so wonderful. Especially under the transpiration of water mist, the white aloes give off a faint fragrance, which makes the fat man intoxicated. It was not easy for the host to react. He hurried from the shore to this side and asked tentatively, "What's the matter with you, Lord Soul King?" Ma Hongjun said angrily, "You have a face.". Announce the result of the game! They're all dizzy. Yes, we won. That's right. "Yes.". Yes Only then did the host wake up and quickly announced loudly through the amplifying soul guide in his hand, "The competition is over, and the Fengxiang group won." "Well," said Ma Hongjun, "find a rope and take pictures of a few more people. Get me up there. Not to mention flying, it's impossible for him to use Wuhun now. When the fat man was pulled ashore by seven or eight staff members, although he looked extremely embarrassed, he could not stand steadily. But the audience on the stage around them stood up collectively and responded with warm applause and cheers. People are strong in worship. Ma Hongjun can defeat two sea soul masters of similar rank in this pool full of water,side impact door beams, which is enough to make them respect. Bai Chenxiang has come to his senses at this time. Looking at the fat man's elated look with his hands akimbo, I can't help laughing. However, before the fat man fell in her arms, said to her that sentence, but constantly in her mind. Don't worship me. Brother is just a legend. This fat bastard. How thick-skinned you are! But he still won. Bai Chenxiang took out a coat from the Horcrux and covered himself with it. Cover the graceful curve. Fortunately, she wore a mask on her face and did not show her face. Otherwise,stainless steel tube 304, the audience will be even more crazy. Stand behind Ma Hongjun. White aloes suddenly appeared, in front of this thick body like a wall, as if it could really shield itself from all the wind and rain. At this time, the sea soul brothers have also been carried up. The two brothers were still unconscious. The staff who brought them up found that their bodies were terribly hot. After exchanging a few words with the host, the host quickly ran to Ma Hongjun, who was proudly waving to the audience, and whispered to him: "Respected Lord Soul King.". The sea soul brothers are unconscious. Our medical worker is at a loss what to do, I don't know you. Fatty was stupefied, come over suddenly immediately, "do not have a thing, I look to them good.". Xiang Xiang, help me through. "Mmm." Bai Chenxiang promised and cleverly helped Ma Hongjun walk past. At this time, side impact door beams ,Precision steel tubes, the fat man, although physically weak, but the spirit is extremely excited, especially by the white aloes holding the arm feeling, how a cool word. Came to the side of the sea soul brothers, Ma Hongjun did not look much, directly with his right hand in the chest of the two brothers each massage a few times. Strange to say, the burning heat that made the medical soul master of the fighting field helpless disappeared very quickly in a few massages of Ma Hongjun. The body temperature of the sea soul brothers soon returned to normal. When Ma Hongjun stood up straight again, the two brothers could barely open their eyes. Ma Hongjun smiled at them and said, "I'm sorry, you two.". Brother played a trick. In terms of real strength, I am not as good as you. Xiang Xiang, let's go. The sea white and the sea ghost brother two people look at Ma Hongjun to go away gradually, in the heart slightly sighs, they are not the kind of person who is used to looking for the objective reason for oneself. A loss is a loss. Besides, are the two of them really better than the fat man? If there is no Wuhun fusion skill. If not in the pool of fighting souls. How could they have a chance. From the beginning to the end, the white aloes only attracted their attention. He didn't take part in the battle at all. Both brothers knew that they were not wronged in losing. When the fat man walked into the players' channel, the seven monsters and others were already waiting for them here. Oscar took the fat man from Bai Chenxiang. Although Ma Hongjun was a little reluctant, it was really difficult for Bai Chenxiang to support his body, so he had to take Oscar's shoulder. Oscar laughed and said, "OK, Fatty, you have a way.". You can win all this. "Don't worship me," said Ma Hongjun triumphantly. Brother is just a legend. ” Ning Rongrong grinned and said, "Brother, I admire you so much.". Adore your face. The crowd burst out laughing. Oscar stuffed some recovery sausages into the fat man's mouth to help him recover his strength and soul. Did not stay too much, they quickly out of the Hanhai Dou soul field. In order to avoid being noticed by the people who may exist in the Hall of Martial Soul, we have to be careful. The auction is next to the Great Fighting Soul Field, or in other words, the two books are integrated. Spent ten gold soul coins to buy a brand. And pressed a hundred gold soul coins as a guarantee. Only then did a group of people enter the auction room. Oscar accompanied the fat man to the bathroom to change his dry clothes, and Bai Chenxiang went to change himself. When they entered the field. The auction had started for a while, and it was dark inside. Only the signs in their hands are flashing with faint fluorescence, which is convenient for bidding when bidding. The crowd sat down in the last row. Ma Hongjun buttocks a chair, the whole person is greatly relieved. He is very tired now. The feeling of soul overdraft is not so good. Tang San specially sat beside Ma Hongjun. At this time, the auction room was bidding for something like an antique. The Shrek Seven were naturally not interested. Tang San raised a hand and pressed it on the fat man's lower abdomen. Slowly put his Xuantian Gong internal force into his body. With the support of the authentic internal force of this door, the fat man immediately felt a burst of warmth in his lower abdomen, coupled with a few large sausages he had eaten before, the pain of overdraft gradually disappeared. The body is much more comfortable. Tang San's voice was delivered to Ma Hongjun's ears,Precision Welded pipes, "Are you very proud of this battle today?" Ma Hongjun was stupefied for a moment, and he could hear that Tang San's voice was somewhat stern. Looking back on his performance in the battle, I can't help being a little shy and speechless.
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