The woman on the top of the villain's heart wears a book.

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Shen Luo was happy, said thank you Chen Ge, and then took the snacks and ran away. Speechless for a while, Chen Haodao, "Yes, a lively temper, much better than before." Chen Hao to help Shen Luo solve this problem, Shen Luo will not have to consider this problem, now Shen Luo to consider is the problem of marriage. The system prompts Zhou Mo to invest in Zhou's group. Had it not been for the system prompting Shen Luo to forget this matter, she said, "Zhou Zixing still has empty investment recently?" Because of the system's prompt, Shen Luo rushed to Zhou's Group, but Shen Luo did not see Chu Sheng, she only saw Assistant Feng, even Assistant Feng has been busy. Mrs. Chu, it will take us a while to finish the meeting. After that, Assistant Feng hurried to make coffee for Shen Luo, but because he went to deliver documents to people, it took a long time to come back. Shen Luo thought for a moment and said, "do you know Zhou Mo?" At the mention of Zhou Mo, Assistant Feng was stunned for a moment, and then asked, "What do you know about Zhou Shao?" Shen Luo, "Zhou Zixing?" Assistant Feng said, "No, it's the son of the Zhou family, and it's also the son that Chairman Zhou has been training, but before his legs went abroad except for some problems, and then he didn't know where he was." It was because of this that Chairman Zhou brought Zhou Zixing back and wanted Zhou Zixing to enter Zhou's Group, but Assistant Feng didn't say that. Shen Luo asked again, "what about Mr. Z?" Assistant Feng, "you even know Mr. Z. What did General Manager Chu tell you?" They don't know which Mr. Z and Zhou Mo are the same person. Shen Luo hurriedly said, "Assistant Feng, you go to tell your general manager Chu, which Mr. Z is Zhou Mo, I met them at the airport last time, listen to what they said about investment, which Zhou Mo also told his bodyguard, not to call himself Zhou Mo, can only call himself Mr. Z." Shen Luo wanted to help Chu Sheng, but did not know how to help, but Shen Luo felt that this matter may be very important to Chu Sheng, so he told Assistant Feng, as to why she knew this matter, can only make it up casually. After a while, Assistant Feng ran out directly. He felt that this must be the plan of the Zhou family! "Aren't you afraid that Chu Sheng knows that you are crossing?" Shen Luo said, "Before I marry Chu Sheng, I will tell him that I have passed through and that I will not continue to listen to him at the wedding." Chapter 96 Assistant Feng ran in a hurry to find Chu Sheng and told the truth. Knocking on the table, Chu Sheng got up and straightened his suit jacket. "This is the end of today's meeting." Finished, he stepped out, in his view, this is simply Zhou Mo against the Zhou family, so this is the internal competition of the Zhou family, it has nothing to do with them, as long as they do their own business on the line. I met Chu Sheng. Shen Luo hurriedly said, "Chu Sheng, if you are very busy, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible bulk containers, our wedding date will be postponed." Chu Sheng immediately face some black, the wedding date postponed, he worked so hard for so long, now Shen Luo unexpectedly to let them postpone the wedding date, impossible, will not be postponed, the wedding must be held as scheduled, Zhou Zixing can not be invited. Suddenly Chu Sheng's good impression of Zhou Mo plummeted. You compete openly. Chairman Zhou doesn't value you most. But what are you doing? Shen Luo has the idea of postponing the wedding date. Chu Sheng said, "Our wedding date will not be postponed!" After thinking about it, Shen Luo comforted him by saying, "Well." Don't force it. In fact, I don't think we are in a hurry to get married, as long as we like each other, right? Chu Sheng squeezed a sentence out of his teeth, "I will definitely meet that Zhou Mo later if I have a chance." Shen Luo wanted to postpone the wedding date, not only because of Zhou Mo, but also because she wanted to tell Zhou Zixing that she was crossing Shen Luo, but she saw that Zhou Zixing insisted on holding the wedding when he was fighting with people in business, Shen Luo thought, he would not think so much. Just comforted himself many times, Shen Luo still felt a little nervous. Taking out a contract from the drawer, Chu Sheng said, "Arlo, you can go to Starlight Entertainment if you are free." Shen Luo said, "Ah, go to Starlight Entertainment. What to do with Starlight Entertainment? I don't want to go.". ” At the thought of He Shan, Shen Luo didn't want to go to Starlight Entertainment. Besides, what did she do when she went to Starlight Entertainment? She had terminated her contract with Starlight Entertainment long ago, and Shen Luo thought that the people of Starlight Entertainment probably didn't like her either. Thinking so, Shen Luo looked at Chu Sheng and wondered why Chu Sheng suddenly wanted her to go to Star Entertainment. But as the new boss of Starlight Entertainment, it's not appropriate for you not to go and have a look. Chu Sheng laughed. Shen Luo said, "What, the new boss of Starlight Entertainment, who, me, I am the new boss of Starlight Entertainment?" Assistant Feng hurriedly said, "Yes, we always wanted to close Starlight Entertainment, but we always thought about it. If Starlight Entertainment was closed, then the other artists of Starlight Entertainment would not like you, so we simply let you be the boss of Starlight Entertainment. No matter what they think of you, they all want to please you, including He Shan." Why should a single dog explain so much to Shen Luo? Why don't you find a girlfriend when you are free. Assistant Feng continues to smile. Originally, Shen Luo wanted to be surprised, but looking at the man sitting upright, Shen Luo smiled, "good." Chu Sheng, Assistant Feng, go with Arlo. Zhou Mo's plan looks like he is targeting other companies, after all, there are still many competitors in Zhou's group, but now he is only targeting the Zhou family. If this is someone else, may not think so, but people who know what happened a few years ago, will be Chu Sheng this idea. This matter, to start from a long time ago, Zhou Mo's legs used to be no problem, then because Chairman Zhou outside the woman and daughter design, so his legs were out of order, and then Zhou Mo disappeared. Now Zhou chairman Zhou Zixing to inherit the Zhou family, Zhou Mo in the name of Mr. Z to invest in Zhou's group,collapsible pallet box, is it to give Zhou Zixing more property? Only Chu Sheng narrowed his eyes. In fact, you can cooperate with Zhou Mo, but the premise is to get revenge first.
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