Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

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"This woman is good at driving all kinds of spirit beasts. Although she is very strong, what is really powerful is all kinds of strange spirit beasts and insects on her body. Moreover, she is fierce and moody. Even the North Cold Asgard will not be willing to provoke this kind of role.". If you meet this woman in the Fairy Mansion, avoid her at once and don't offend her. "The Taoist continued to speak." Yes, thank you for reminding me. I remember. Han Li heard this, eyes faintly flashed a ray of light, nodded and said. Time passed slowly, and half a day passed in a twinkling of an eye. All the people in the cave looked anxious again, especially the people of the Ghost Weeping Sect. The Pockmarked old man's eyes moved back and forth alternately at the door of the cave and on the black light curtain. At this moment, the sound of the cave entrance breaking through the air sounded. The Pockmarked old man and others were delighted. A group of grey-clad figures appeared at the entrance. It was the monks of Fu Lingzong, headed by Feng Tiandu and the one-eyed man. Haha, Elder Feng, Lord Qi, I have been waiting for you for a long time in Luomou Department. Luo Qinghai laughed and got up to greet him. The other people in the cave saw all the people in Fu Lingzong, but their faces were different. Ha ha, Lord Luo, I didn't expect you to come very early. Tut, with so many good soldiers and strong generals, it seems that you are bound to win the treasure in the Hanxian Mansion. Fu Lingzong suzerain said with a big smile. Where? There are Elder Feng and Suzerain Qi. That thing must not escape the two palms. Luo Mou goes in this time,plastic pallet manufacturer, just want to take these people who do not have long eyes to see, open their eyes, there is no meaning to compete with the two for that thing. Luo Qinghai waved his hand and said with a smile. Lord Luo is still so modest. One-eyed big fellow sneer at several times, obviously for Luo Qinghai this word, do not believe a word, one-eyed toward the other people in the cave. Feng Tiandu did not say a word since he came in. His dull eyes also looked at the people in the cave. He changed into a clean gray robe at the moment. Although his face was still like a zombie, he looked much more normal than before. All the chains on his body surface disappeared. Suddenly, Feng Tiandu's line of sight stopped and fell on a person,secondary containment pallet, it was the canal spirit. Channel friends are also here. Feng Tiandu opened his mouth with a slightly surprised look. Feng Daoyou. Qu Lingliu raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly. Han Li saw this scene, surprised in the heart, can not help but secretly look up to seal the day. Qu Ling has been arrogant since he entered the cave. Even in the face of Luo Qinghai, he has not changed at all, but in the face of this person, he has converged a lot. But this zombie-like man, Xiu Wei is really amazing, giving him the feeling that he is no weaker than the canal spirit. Hu Yan senior, these people are not Fu Lingzong's people? "Han Lichuan asked the Taoist." Yes, the one-eyed man is the suzerain of Fu Lingzong, Qi Tianxiao, who has always kept a low profile, so his reputation is not good. As for the monk who looks like a zombie, ibc spill pallet ,plastic bulk containers, he is the elder of Fu Lingzong, the capital of heaven, who is very famous in our northern cold fairy land. This man and the Baili Taoist Lord, Xiao Jinhan of the North Cold Immortal Palace, were called Sanjue Jinxian many years ago, but tens of thousands of years ago, for some unknown reason, they were always in seclusion. I didn't expect to come here this time. The Taoist introduced Han Li carefully, his voice slightly low. When Han Li heard this, his heart moved. He carefully looked at Feng Tiandu, I do not know why vaguely feel that this person's breath is somewhat familiar, is not where to see? At this moment, the seal of heaven seemed to sense Han Li's line of sight and turned to look over. Two line of sight intersection, Han Li heart suddenly "stomp" once, the whole body some cold, seems to be sealed Tiandu's eyes pierced, hands and feet are at a loss. Han Li hurriedly looked away. Feng Tian took a deep look at Han Li, and there seemed to be a flash of color in his eyes, but he soon looked away and looked at the black forbidden place in the cave. Lord Luo, are those people in the North Cold Fairy Palace here at the moment? Feng Tiandu's eyes narrowed slightly and asked. Yes, they're all in there at the moment. Luo Qinghai nodded and said. Feng Tian looked at the black light curtain for a moment and lifted it with one hand. There was a light whoosh. A black light arrow flew out of the palm and hit the black light curtain in a flash. The arrow of light looked ordinary and not very bright, but when it fell on the black light curtain, it caused a sudden tremor and ripples like water waves. However, numerous black lights immediately appeared on the black light curtain, which condensed into patterns shaped like nine palaces. A strange forbidden force emerged, the ripples on the light curtain soon disappeared, and a few breaths calmed down. "The law of sealing and forbidding Jiuhuan Xuanzang is indeed written by Xiao Jinhan." Feng Tiandu said lightly and then looked at Luo Qinghai. Elder Feng's eyes are like torches. Luo Qinghai laughed. Although this ban is severe, it is not difficult to crack it with the strength of several elders in Cangliu Palace and the cultivation of the Lord of Luogong. Why doesn't the Lord of Luogong start? Feng Tiandu asked slowly. Haha, Elder Feng is joking. How can Luomou have this ability. Besides, since everyone wants to enter Xianfu, it is natural to work together to break the ban. Luo Qinghai laughed and said. What Lord Luo said is not bad, channel friend, what do you think? Feng Tiandu looked deeply at Qu Ling. Qu Ling did not speak, but nodded. Ok, since we are all sensible people, we will not talk about the superfluous words. All the Taoist friends present, we will join hands for the time being to force the North Cold Fairy Palace to open the ban and enter the Fairy Mansion together. As for how many treasures you can get in it, how about depending on your ability? Feng Tiandu turned his head and looked at the people around him, raising his voice and saying. OK "No problem!" The neighborhood looked at each other and nodded. Feng Tian nodded slightly and no longer hesitated. He rose from the ground and flew down in front of the black ban. Fu Lingzong people hurried to keep up, other forces of the monks have also stepped forward, all fell in front of the black ban. Han Li and others naturally will not lag behind, but when Han Li flies out, he falls behind, standing in the back of the crowd,collapsible pallet bin, an unremarkable corner. Huge and incomparable pressure emanated from the people, connected with each other, and went towards the oppression of the black ban.
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