The peasant girl and the traverser

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Seeing that he Xiuqin could no longer take advantage, he Xiuwan said, "All right, elder cousin, since Cui Min has admitted it, you'd better calm down and talk about your plan. There's no need to fight." He Xiuqin came to her senses. She obediently pulled out her hand and stepped back. "Cui Min," she said, "I want to divorce you. You have to give me a hundred taels." One hundred and twenty is nothing to Cui Min. He Xiuwan shook her head, but did not interrupt. He himself admitted that the matter had come to this point, and Cui Min knew that he could no longer deny it. Just divorce? He had never thought that he Xiuqin had given birth to a son and a daughter. She was good-looking and had a good temper. Although she was jealous, the family was still calm. Although she was a little ostentatious and a little bad, it was all a small problem. She was eloquent when she went out, and she never lost face for him. Not to mention that she was also good at communicating with women. He was actually satisfied with such a wife. He can't compare with other women in his backyard, and he Xiuxiang can't compare with them. After all, Cui Min was a knowledgeable person who was doing business outside. Now he didn't dare to offend He Xiuwan. He thought quickly to He Xiuqin and knelt down directly: "Xiuqin, I know I'm wrong. I know I'm wrong. Can you forgive me?"? Xiuqin, I was confused and drank too much wine. It was Xiuxiang who seduced me. I mistook her for someone else! Xiuqin, you forgive me, as long as you forgive me,drum spill pallet, I swear to you, I will never see He Xiuxiang again in my life! He got down on his knees. And his apology was sincere, and there were even tears in his eyes. He Xiuqin was still angry in her heart, but she never thought that after the exposure of this matter, Cui Min would admit her mistake like this. Just drunk and mistaken for someone else? She and Xiuxiang are not like, she looks better than Xiuxiang, figure is better than Xiuxiang,plastic pallet crates, how should not admit mistakes ah! And even if it was a mistake the first time, what happened later? Xiuxiang said she was pregnant, but he said he had taken measures. So, they've been together many times behind her back! He Xiuqin was angry and felt sick. Her fingers trembled violently. She turned her head to look at He Xiuwan: "Xiuwan..." He Xiuwan was also shocked. Shocked that he Xiuqin said she didn't want children, she was reluctant to give up the little pearl anyway. Also shocked at Cui Min can so go out, he put all the responsibility to Xiuxiang, I do not know Xiuxiang know what will happen. However, she did not interfere with He Xiuqin's choice. She said, "Cousin, you should think it over by yourself. No matter what you choose, you are the only one who will bear the consequences." He Xiuqin turned to look back at Cui Min: "That Tang Shi those..." If you don't like it, get rid of it! Send them all away! Without waiting for He Xiuqin to finish, Cui Min rushed to answer. Send it away? I never said that before. He Xiuqin continued, "Will you go to the brothel later?" "Not going!" Cui Minton didn't even hit him. He Xiuqin's face became strange and she finally asked the last question: "What about Xiuxiang?"? What about the baby in her belly? Cui Min still did not think much, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet crates, immediately gave the answer: "Xiuqin you believe me, I really have no idea about Xiuxiang!"! As for the child, I already have a legitimate son and daughter, and I don't care about the other children, so I'll give her two hundred taels and tell her to beat the child, and then we'll find her a marriage and marry her far away. We? He Xiuwan finally could not help sneering, Cui Min good calculation ah, one of us, is to pull He Xiuqin into his camp, together to deal with He Xiuxiang? He Xiuxiang is indeed wrong, but Cui Min's fault is not small! He Xiuqin was really shaken at first, but when she heard the cold laughter behind her, she suddenly reacted. She and Cui Min were the matchmaker's words and parents' orders. Although they wanted to live a good life when they got married, it was too false to say how deep their feelings were. What's more, Cui Min had taken a concubine when she was pregnant with her first child. Her feelings for him had been worn down for so long. Maintaining one's own position and being jealous is nothing more than for the sake of one's children. He Xiuxiang thing, really let her think of nausea, and now look at Cui Min kneeling on the ground for forgiveness, thinking that her life has been destroyed more than half, Xiuxiang is not? He Xiuwan had already made a faint sound: "Cui Min, your disposal of Xiuxiang is only decided by you and your cousin."? Don't you have to ask us what the Ho family means? Cui Min's face changed slightly: "What does your He family mean?" He Xiuwan said with a sneer, "Xiuxiang is indeed wrong in this matter, but you are even more wrong!"! She is a little girl who has not married yet. She did something wrong in a moment of confusion. As a brother-in-law, you don't know how to persuade her, but you still follow her. Cui Min, even if you were drunk for the first time, you were drunk later? How long have you been doing this, and why is she pregnant? Cui Min, are you bullying our He family? Not only did you hurt my first cousin, but you also hurt my fourth cousin! As she spoke, He Xiuwan had already got up and strode to the side of He Xiuqin. Her eyes were cold from a commanding position. As soon as she spoke so angrily, Cui Min was stunned. It was not long before he remembered this second cousin, who used to be afraid to look at people and was timid wherever she went. He Xiuqin was really backed by someone and began to be "bold". Looking at Cui Min in a daze, she lifted her foot and kicked him in the face: "If you can give Xiuxiang two hundred taels, then give me two hundred taels!"! I'll divorce you. As for you and Xiuxiang, I don't care! Cui Min did not guard against, called He Xiuqin this kick, directly kicked the roll out. He is also a prominent figure in Yunlai Town. Even if he is afraid of the development of the Beauty House today, he has never been so wronged and has not been given such a face. So he was so angry that he got up and rushed in. Hu Daniel, who had been on the side for a long time, took two steps like a cow after almost a year's exercise, and pulled Cui Min's collar and lifted him up directly. Then Ho Hsiu-wan ordered, "Daniel, send him down." Then he said to He Xiuqin,plastic pallet suppliers, "Xiuxiang is in your house now, isn't she?"? Let's leave her alone. I'll go back to the village with you and pick up my uncle, aunt and cousins. We have to talk about it face to face. ·。
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