The Millennium Sacrifice

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"Lestine!"! How dare you! A nobleman who came to congratulate him stood up and pointed at the old man holding the child and shouted angrily, Lestine. Demicrudo glanced at him. Turn your neck in a slight arc.. The nobleman let out a short scream and was beheaded by the sword-wielding warrior, and the rest of the people were horrified. Shout and watch the grinning warrior approach them. Appealing, crying, and cursing, the murderers brandished their weapons and slaughtered. People who want to resist are surprised that they can't exert themselves! Xena held her husband in her arms and probed her body. It was so empty that she could not gather any fighting spirit. The escort should be the same. Several gods were the first to be killed, which seemed to be only a medicine for the warrior, but there was no time to use the spell, and the mage had no power to protect himself. Stop it! Raising her other hand, Xena drank. Holding tight to the trembling Emperor, the evil poison in her husband's body was hurting him. What do you want, Lestine? The old man named Lestine gave an order to the warrior leader, and the one-sided killing at the banquet finally stopped. The remaining aristocratic dignitaries hobbled feebly behind the queen, praying for Altiroya's mercy. Lestine looked at these useless things with a sneer. Holding the baby in his arms, he walked up to the emperor and his wife. "Your two noble majesties, you can't even stand up, can you?" Yes, sitting like this, sitting like this all the time, you sons of Delphi,ibc spill containment pallet, who are proud of the name of the car of the gods, enjoy everything out of sight, but let me lose everything! What do I want? What do I want? The old man shouted, "I want the blood of the gods to become turbid!"! Drag these noble moths to the ground! Xena's arms were empty, and her husband was grabbed out by the old man. "You!"! Insolent! The angry queen was furious. Several sharp swords rested on her shoulders and neck. Silence, Your Majesty. Lestine glanced at the queen and turned his attention to the powerless emperor. "Descendants of the chariot of the gods, if you want help,plastic pallet manufacturer, summon Altiroya.". Gulik Cheyne 。 Only you can summon it. Say the spell. Lunatic Do you know what you're doing? The coming of God will bring war and famine! We pray for God's protection, and God's grace is Delphi's luck.. But there is no country. Foolish enough to summon God in person! Summoning God is the death of the summoner. The two great powers that are said to have destroyed the country are living demonstrations on the mainland. Your Majesty, you talk a lot. As the guards and nobles shouted, Xena was hit in the stomach by a samurai and fell to the floor. Do you love this country? I love it, too. So we need to clean the dirt of this country again. Your Majesty, most of the military power in this country is in my hands, and you regard your power as too strong. Besides, Pusala's army is resting in Esente County, and in any case, Lian is going to die. Lunatic! Xena struggled to her feet and glared at the old man. Queen, you are scolding me. But that's the way it is with the succession of kingdoms. Three hundred years ago, Virgil.. Didn't Lord Gronia kill the emperor of Fentella to create Lian? ? Oh, there is no record of this in the temple. But it's only been three hundred years, and some people still remember it. What's going on. Your Majesty, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet suppliers, don't you want to see your ancestors? Let your gods punish me. "Altiroa..". Gulik Cheyne 。 You are the chariot of the gods, and your power can be turned into blood and passed on to me. "No!"! Don't read it! Xena hissed, and then she was kicked so hard that she curled up in pain. And those who began to be violent did not stop, as if they thought it was interesting to treat such a noble lady, and kept kicking the queen with their feet. Lestine laughed. "Yes, that's it, Your Majesty.". Keep reading! Astigi, whose face was attacked by the poison, looked at his wife apologetically in a terrible livid shade. Vaguely enunciating the incantation, "Virgil..". Gronia . Soanfei, son of Alter . Nya . Son of Art ……” The night moon was covered with a gray cloud, and from the chaotic sky, it was scarlet, and the magic condensed in the prime minister's residence, and Xena felt something broken in her body. The emperor of Lian, the direct descendant of the blood of the chariot of the gods, the born magician, recited a long incantation, his voice getting lower and lower, feeling the more and more dignified pressure on the banquet, and Lestine laughed wildly. The other nobles knelt on the ground and prayed to the gods, and several guards threw themselves on the queen to resist the brutal kicking. My ancestor, who bequeathed my power to my child's protector, whose name is Sebalitien. Syl . Xena . Art !” The emperor's voice suddenly rose high and spat out his wife's name, and Lestine felt bad when he heard the last sentence! Xena suddenly jumped up from the ground, as if the poison and the beating had not worked on her. One of the warriors saw a flower in his eyes, grabbed his pike, and then went to report to death with a chill in his heart. The queen is very powerful. The name of the swordsman princess is not Langde. Although she seldom becomes a queen, in fact, everyone who knows the queen's girlhood knows that the queen's swordsmanship is excellent. The magic suppressed the medicine, and the noble guards who could fight in World War I took the opportunity to resist and followed the queen into the crowd. Killing five or six warriors in one breath, Xena pointed her pike at Lestine, who was hurriedly dragging the emperor back. Her eyes met her husband's, and her light brown eyes were still clear. Don't save me. Astigi stretched out his right hand with difficulty and pointed to the far sky, which direction was. Xena nodded, clenched her teeth and fought her way out of the prime minister's mansion. Their purpose is the great altiloya. Gulik Cheyne As long as that man is all right, the emperor will not die. Lestine pinched a cold sweat, he knew the queen's ability, only to use the strongest poison, did not expect to misjudge the power of the emperor. Thinking of the direction of the queen's departure, he came to his senses: "Quick, catch up, we must bring back the queen and all the people around her alive!" Xena took the remaining guards and fled to the Temple of War, where Lian's greatest oracle,plastic pallet price, the Great Sacrifice of the God of War, who inherited the blood of the chariots of the gods, and Glatt.
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