Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

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As for those who want to hurt her, they had better not do anything, or he will make them regret coming into this world! "Let them in." Huo Xi looked up at Mo Lin and said lightly. Then Huo Xi and Mu Qianyue moved to the lobby. After a while, he saw Mo Lin leading Yao Xin, Yang Qinchun and others to come in. In the lobby, Mu Qianyue leaned lazily on the chair, and Huoxi sat on the chair next to her, holding a dagger in her hand and peeling the peel. The dagger was flying flexibly between his slender jade fingers, moving gracefully and neatly, like flowing clouds and flowing water, which attracted people's attention. Huoxi did not seem to see the medicine Xin and others who came in, and went straight to hand the peeled pear to Mu Qianyue, looking at her with a gentle and spoiled expression. Sir, the skin of the pear is very thin, so you don't need to peel it. Mo Yu kindly reminded him. Shallow moon doesn't like to eat skin. Huo Xi said lightly. His meaning is very clear, she does not like to eat, he removes it, just want to leave the best for her. Mu shallow moon lips gently curved, impolitely reached for it, nibbled, sweet and refreshing juice poured into his mouth, only to feel the whole heart followed by pleasure up, the taste of this pear is really good. Pears are a bit like pears, but not like pears. They taste much better than pears, and they are very sweet and crisp! This scene deeply stimulated the two people who came in, Yao Xin and Yang Qinchun. Yao Xin's face is a little ugly,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, this fire Xi is really too much! Oneself came, not only did not let oneself sit down meaning, instead ignore oneself, only care about Mu shallow moon show love! Yang Qinchun's heart is also full of anger, this man is dismissive of her, at any time is cold and ruthless, but willing to peel for Mu Shallow Moon, do such trivial things. He's a God! Is high above the Wang Ye, is also the cloud shadow country people's heart God of war! To do such a thing for a woman! This damn Mu Qianyue, unexpectedly did not know how to love the king of ink,38 tube fitting, if he was not willing to let him peel for himself or anything, but for him to peel. This is what women should do, how can men do it! After a while, Huoxi still didn't seem to see them, but looked at Mu Qianyue with a smile and asked, "Is it delicious?" "Well, not bad." Mu Qianyue nodded with a lisp, glancing out of the corner of his eye at the black-faced Yao Xin and Yang Qinchun. It seems that Yao Xin also likes Huoxi, no way, who let our Huoxi charm is too big, how to block also can not stop! As a woman, she naturally saw Yao Xin's mind at a glance, and she could see it from the way she looked at Huoxi, which was very different. King Mo, is this your way of hospitality to leave the guests aside? There was a trace of sulk between Yao Fei's eyebrows, and Rao didn't dare to speak loudly to Huo Xi. Chapter 1353 Chiguoguo's humiliation [2]. After all, the other side is the God emperor, although only a king of the opposite sex of the cloud shadow country, tube fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, but his strength is there, even if their father came, they have to give some face. Mo Lin, there's a guest here. Why don't you say anything? Huo Xi frowned and looked at Mo Lin with displeasure. Master, it is the fault of the subordinate, the subordinate sees the master is peeling very seriously, dare not make a sound to disturb. Mo Lin respectfully said. Hearing Mo Lin's words, Yao Xin and others almost lost their breath and vomited blood. He was clearly ignoring them! But deliberately said so! Medicine fly face livid, even if the heart again dissatisfied, also dare not angrily scold fire Xi, otherwise fire Xi a slap can beat oneself to death! "Master Huo, under the name of Yao Xin, is from Yao Wang Zong. He is twenty-six years old. He is an eight-grade elixir pharmacist." Medicine Xin fell on the body of Huoxi, lips rippled with a gentle smile, said slowly. One side of Yang Qinchun Wen Yan can not help but secretly despise in the heart, she in the end is to negotiate, or to blind date? Mo Lin and Mo Yu looked contemptuously at Yao Xin, deeply feeling that she still had a word to say, that is, 'no marriage for the time being'. However, as a woman, Yao Xin could never say such a thing in public, so it took her a long time to hold back the four words. Even so, as long as not blind, can see that she likes fire Xi! But is it really good for her to be so obvious? Just one sentence, let me marry you. Huoxi's face was light, and she finally raised her eyebrows and looked at Yao Xin. "Miss Yao Xin, you haven't got married yet, have you?" Medicine Xin one Leng, then in the heart one happy, he is to understand his mind? Looking at the man's charming eyebrows and eyes, delicate and picturesque face, Yao Xin nodded shyly, "En." "Oh.." Huoxi nodded clearly, his mouth suddenly rippled with a smile, looking at Mo Lin and Mo Yu beside him, "You two haven't got married yet, just as Miss Yao Xin hasn't got married either, well." I think she means to choose a husband in our King Mo. Which one of you two would like to? "Sir, I don't want to get married yet!" Mo Lin hurriedly said, reaching out and pointing to the ink feather next to him, "ink feather!"! A while ago he was clamoring for a wife! "Ah, Bah!"! Mo Lin, you are so shameless. When did I say I wanted to find a wife! Don't wrong me! Mo Yu saw Huo Xi's suspicious eyes looking at himself, and then looked at the black-faced Yao Xin next to him, and could not help shaking, "Sir, I would like to be loyal to you all my life and follow you.." "Mo Yu, Miss Yao Xin is a great beauty!"! And a medicine man! Don't you want such a good wife? Mo Lin laughed, his eyebrows and eyes full of gloating. Mo Yu looked at Yao Xin and was so frightened that he shrank and shook his head like a rattle. "I can't stand such a beautiful and powerful daughter-in-law. I'm afraid she will live for twenty years!"! I'd rather be single all my life! Although Yao Xin's status is noble, she is also a medicine man, and she is beautiful. Unfortunately, her mind is too heavy and terrible. She is not as good as she seems. If he really finds such a daughter-in-law, I'm afraid there will be no peace in his life. Besides, Yao Xin doesn't like him either! Yao Xin's face is already black like a pot lid, how ugly it is, how ugly it is! The fingers under the sleeve could not help clenching tightly,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and the fire Xi insulted her so much! And the two guards, singing in harmony, with a tone that clearly disliked themselves!.
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