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Knowing that the imperial commissioner and the three princes had come together, the Jiangnan merchants who came to the front yard to congratulate them were secretly envious of Xia Qifei's luck. They were frightened that the imperial commissioner and the three princes did not avoid people's words. On the other hand, they did not dare to make too much noise, so the sound of drinking and pleasure in the front yard did not disturb the conversation in the study in the back yard. Xia Qifei was actually shocked by Fan Xian's arrival, not to mention that he was followed by a third prince! Fan Xian shook his head and said, "Everyone knows the relationship between you and me in Jiangnan today. I think Kyoto should also know it.". In that case, why cover up again? Xia Qifei took one look at the three princes. At the thought of the rumor, he didn't avoid it very much. He said directly, "Lord Tisi, my subordinates are afraid of bringing trouble to you." "What's the trouble?" Fan Xian looked at him and said gently, "You work for the imperial court, and you seem to be in the limelight recently.". But in fact, he suffered a lot. Xia Qifei thought of his brother who died that night. The complexion is slightly dark. Is the wound better? Fan Xian asked. "Much better," replied Xia Qifei respectfully. "Mmm." Fan Xian hesitated for a moment and then said slowly, "You don't have to worry too much. My attitude towards the Ming family is very firm. Maybe the progress will be slower, but.." Don't think that this officer has been deceived by someone's gesture. Ming Qingda, the contemporary master of the Ming family, knelt down in the big house of Neiku and fainted after winning the bid, which had spread all over Suzhou these days, so Xia Qifei was the knife in Fan Xian's hand. The most worrying thing is whether the hand holding the knife will suddenly change its mind. At this time to hear Fan Xian made a promise, Xia Qifei hurt the rest of the body,socket screw plug, no spirit-revenge, recapture the Ming family, is his greatest wish in this life, without the help of Fan Xian. He'll never be able to do it. Fan Xian looked at his expression and said in a deep voice, "If you work for the court, the court will support you. To be more direct, since you are an official, the official must tell the world openly.". This relationship does not need to be torn off,deep draw stamping, nor does it need to be covered up. In the future, you will work in the south of the Yangtze River and transport goods to the north. With this layer of influence, it will be much easier. Xia Qifei was moved. But there was some fear in his heart, and he did not know why Lord Tisi was so eager to point out the matter. In fact, Xia Qifei has always thought that he is working for the court, he does not understand, Fan Xian used him, does not mean that the court used him. Let Xia Qi fly to the north to transport goods, through the Cui family line of that year, and Fan Sizhe in the north, under the protection of the emperor of South Fan Xian and North Fan Xian, re-open the smuggling line, this is Fan Xian's purpose. Now there is a control yuan in the south secretly, the north of the town Fu Si commander Wei Hua, Stainless steel foundry ,titanium machining parts, is not only an old acquaintance of Fan Xian, but also the little emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty, the line itself is seamless, the only need to hammer two more. It is Xia Qifei himself at the beginning. Fan Xian came today against the discussion, nothing more than is to use the world's speech, Xia Qifei firmly tied to his side, after today, no matter who, will not believe that Xia Qifei is not Fan Xian's confidant, smuggling began in the future, Xia Qifei is to sell Fan Xian, I'm afraid no one dares to believe him, and Fan Xian's enemies will also aim at Xia Qifei. It was already a good start before Jiangnanju, which could only force Xia Qifei to hold Fan Xian more tightly. External trouble and firm heart, tied people on board, the three princes are begging for nothing to get on board, but Xia Qifei is not on the impossible. …… "The day after tomorrow." Before leaving Xia Fu, Fan Xian finally told Xia Qifei, "The necessary procedures should be completed, and then you should go out immediately." Xia Qifei was slightly excited, although he knew in his heart that Lord Tisi just needed to attract the attention of the Ming family, but he could eventually roar in Suzhou, as if he was getting closer and closer to his goal in life. But you know that. Fan Xian sighed and patted him on the shoulder, "Qinglu has no precedent for this kind of thing. The other party is the eldest son of the long house. According to the law, he is taking advantage. Even if the courtyard helps, it is unlikely to get the ideal result." There are many ways to get back what you have lost. Don't worry and don't be too disappointed. ” Xia Qifei felt a slight tremor in his heart. He always felt that the young Lord Tisi in front of him was not just talking about the Ming family. It seemed that there was some kind of harmony between superiors and subordinates because of the word "family property". He folded his fists and was moved to say: "Because of the matter of Xia, I really don't deserve it." "I deserve it." Fan Xian said with pity, "From the very beginning, it shows that this officer is also a person who puts interests first. Don't worry too much." The more he emphasized the interests, the more Xia Qifei felt that the other party was sincere. He saluted again and again and sent him and the three princes out of the house. To be precise, Fan Xian and the three princes just stood in the summer home and then left, but before and after a cup of tea, but the gesture and determination shown in it will be spread through the mouths of those businessmen and officials, to the ears of the Ming family. After the carriage left Xia Zhai, it did not rush back to Huayuan, but drove to Beicheng. There were many Jianghu heroes in Beicheng of Suzhou, so the guards beside the carriage became nervous. What day is the day after tomorrow? The third prince opened his pure and harmless eyes and asked Fan Xian. Fan Xian replied, "Xia Qi flew into the Suzhou government office to sue Ming Jiayin for the seizure of the family property." Baidu search bubble book bar to read the latest and most complete novel/small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 118 torture chamber and suicide note. On the quiet long street of Suzhou, the clear sound of carriage wheels covered up an exclamation in the carriage. The third prince was startled and said, "Can this lawsuit still be fought?" "Why can't you fight?" Fan Xian said with a smile, "Let's talk about whether we can win or not, but we must fight." After all, the third prince was only nine years old, and he was still a child. Hearing this, he became interested and said, "Sir, let's go and watch the fun. I heard that Xia Qifei's biological mother.." It was the present Ming Laotaijun who beat him to death. Fan Xian sighed,die casting parts, "It's a family property lawsuit. It's not an old murder case. It's just the provisions of the Qing Law. It doesn't mean anything." "Sir," said the third prince curiously, "it didn't work out." 。 autoparts-dx.com
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