Domestication of emperors

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Later, Jiu'er became a man in the backyard. When the old lady saw that she was willing to take out the people around her, she didn't urge her any more. She didn't know that the Marquis hadn't touched Jiu'er at all. Later, his wife was finally pregnant, which was able to extricate herself. The old lady turned a blind eye and promised Jiu Er to a minor official under Hou Ye. Jiu'er was still innocent, beautiful, and supported by his wife. Mammy Qing thought she should have a good life, but she didn't ask about it. A few days ago, she heard that Jiu'er had several miscarriages and had no children for many years. Later, she recognized the daughter of a concubine whose mother died early. She guessed that Jiu'er's life was not very good. Qing Mammy wondered in her heart that her wife had always protected her, and that Jiu'er had made such contributions, and that she would not be treated unfairly. With the support of his wife and Marquis, how could Jiu'er live such a miserable life? Although everyone has his own way of living, Mammy Qing still feels that the result of Jiu'er is really wrong. The person who had been pondered by Mammy Qing had already entered the main courtyard, and the girl with her had seen such a magnificent courtyard for the first time. The maidservants who came and went were all like ladies of a good family, laughing and smiling, and their expressions were even more timid. She never knew that the lady her mother knew was such a noble person. Nine son see daughter inferiority to this point, the heart is more bitter, after all, a few words can not say the words of consolation. When Jiu Er came to the mansion, Mrs. Rong specially pushed all the common affairs. She had not seen the maid who had grown up with her for some days, and her expression was full of yearning. When Jiu Er entered the room, she even got up to greet her. As soon as they met,die casting parts, Mrs. Rong opened her eyes wide in surprise and could not believe that the haggard woman was Jiu'er. Jiu'er was a few years younger than her, and now she was just over thirty years old. She looked like an old woman who was nearly fifty years old. She was no longer as beautiful and gentle as she used to be. Jiu'er rubbed her hands and looked uneasily at her former master. She took her daughter's blessing a few times in a cramped way before calling out, "Jiu'er, Jiu'r, please pay your respects to your wife." All kinds of bad guesses flew through Mrs. Rong's mind in an instant, and she calmed down and helped people to sit down, ready to listen to Jiu'er's details. Earlier, when Jiu Er just got married,car radiator cap, Mrs. Yung would visit her home several times a year and give her a lot of gifts. She could see that Jiu Er had a very good life at that time. Her husband respected her, her parents-in-law loved her, and her sister-in-law was friendly. Later, Jiu Er said to her, "Madam, every time you go to so much trouble, it really hurts Jiu Er. You dare not be so tired. If you miss Jiu Er, let someone summon you directly." Mrs. Yung did not feel anything at that time, but as Jiu'er did not want to be too high-profile, she answered the question and sent several Mammy and maidservants to give gifts every New Year's Day. She specifically told the Mammy that she must personally see how Jiu'er was doing, and that what she saw and heard must be seen by people, and that only when she heard Jiu'er speak in person could she take it seriously. Because Mrs. Rong heard that the man later took a distant cousin as a concubine, she had little experience in the private house, which did not mean that she did not know, so she had such thoughtful care. Every time the nuns came back with good news, and the occasional visit of Jiu Er also saw that the situation was good, car radiator cap ,Investment casting parts, Mrs. Rong gradually put down her heart. Jiu'er did not live in the capital, and it took more than two days to come and go. The carriage and horses were tired. Mrs. Yung didn't want her to toss about, and she seldom passed on. In recent years, the former master and servant have not seen each other for a long time. Mrs. Yung didn't expect her to be like this now, and she was distressed and confused. If she sent a message like this, she would send someone, but how could she not have a message for so long? Mrs. Yung asked again and again. At first, Jiu Er only repeatedly said that she had not done anything and had a good life. Then her voice became smaller and smaller in front of the dignified woman. She realized that this time she had sent a message asking her wife to pick them up, which was enough to make people guess. Nine son suddenly blushed, the veil pulled and pulled, seemed to want to cry, and tried to endure, extremely complex expression let others sigh unceasingly, even if what do not know, also can not help but sad. The thin little girl beside him suddenly knelt down and whispered, "Madam, please save your mother, who is being tortured to death!" For the sake of her mother, she summoned up great courage and began to explain intermittently what had happened to Jiu Er over the years. Jiu'er married a man named Ren Jian. At first, he was just a small local master who worked under Rong Hou. Ren Jian got the advice of Rong Hou, and loved the beauty of Jiu Er. At first, he really treated Jiu Er like a pearl. But then his distant cousin came to join him, and everything began to change. Cousin born more beautiful, weak temperament, poor family background, lived soon Ren Jian was very pity, intended to accept her as a concubine. Ren Jian asked Jiu Er in person and told his cousin's difficulties. Jiu Er was softhearted and felt that the girl had nowhere to go and that it was good to be a companion with him, so he answered without objection. Later, there were three miscarriages, but the cousin added the eldest grandson to the Ren family as soon as she entered the door, which was very popular with Ren's mother and son. Ren's family is not obvious, neither rich nor powerful, and the days when they can be served by servants depend entirely on the dowry brought by Jiu'er and the gift of Mrs. Rong from time to time. Even for these, Ren Jian did not dare to neglect Jiu'er at first. But Jiu Er is really too weak, like a persimmon kneaded by others, it seems that he does not understand his position at all. Later, she was pressed by her cousin and did not dare to speak. She also complied with the request of her family. Every time she tidied herself up to the people sent by Mrs. Rong, she said that she had a good life. At first, it was because Ren's family had not gone too far, but later it was to receive the daughter under her name. The whole Ren Fu is almost a mother and daughter depending on each other. Ren Jian threatened Jiu Er that if Mrs. Rong knew what she had done, she would never let her meet her daughter again, and Jiu Er would suffer all the time. Until this time Ren Jian listened to his cousin's instigation to give his daughter to an official in his fifties in exchange for a promotion opportunity for his concubine. She couldn't bear it any longer. She secretly sent a letter to Rong Fu and rushed to the capital with her daughter at night. When Mrs. Yung heard this, she was frightened and looked at the little girl. "How old is she?"? How can you have the heart to give someone else a concubine? In the eyes of ordinary people, the girl was only ten years old, but Jiu'er said in a low voice, "Su Niang is already fourteen, and she's going to die soon." Mrs. Yung had nothing to say for a long time, and her heart was full of grief and anger. When she was around her before, she only said that Jiu'er was gentle, but she didn't expect to be so timid! If Jiu Er has a tough temper,Steel investment casting, he will never live like this. After all, with her own support, what is she afraid of.
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