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Mo Yangxin also does not embarrass her, the fact proves that Mo Yangxin's attention also cannot maintain too long, before a topic does not have the beginning and the end, turned to the next topic. Sister Mo, I want to go out for a walk. Can you accompany me? "Get out?" Mo Yangxin raised his neck and looked around. He was looking at his husband's eyes. Mo Yangxin's heart missed a beat. He immediately restored his prototype and became a good wife and mother. What's the matter? Li Yangzhi was surprised. "Are you all right?" "Do you really just want to walk around, or." Mo Yangxin lowered his voice and finally made a gesture to leave. Li Yangzhi just wanted to say that you were really my good sister, but she guessed that I was in my heart, and there was a cold air coming out behind her, which made her shiver. What are you sisters talking about? So happy. Li Jingxing asked gently, as if he were really a gentle gentleman. We said that the jade you gave the child was really beautiful. Mo Yangxin has experienced for many years and lies without a draft. Thank you Li Jingxing nodded slightly. "I'm going to take her to meet some friends. Excuse me." Li Jingxing said, regardless of Li Yangzhi's meaning, he pulled her up and left directly. Such natural and unrestrained movement, the majestic imposing manner, the natural leader demeanor, the astonishing Mo Yangxin half a day only then spits out: "This person can only have in the sky." "Li Jingxing, can you be more overbearing?" Li Yangzhi let Li Jingxing pull, but his mouth could not help protesting. Li Jingxing, like a loving father, gently smoothed Li Yangzhi's wool and said helplessly,die cast light housing, "Silly girl, you think too much." Dinner was over in the middle of the night, Mo Yangxin left early because of his son's body protection, and no one had any opinions, but Li Yangzhi had been pestered by Li Jingxing from beginning to end, and he had to accompany him even when he went to the toilet. Li Yangzhi said that I am not a child who can't find the way and have to be accompanied by adults! Li Jingxing answered without changing his face, "If I don't follow you,metal stamping parts, you won't be able to find it back, and then you'll have to send someone all over the city to look for it. It's too much trouble.". Li Yangzhi is speechless, this person's ears are too sharp. Li Jingxing was drunk a lot of wine, and when he finally left, his body was shaking. Qin Chuan kindly called the waiter to help him upstairs, but he pushed him away. The drunk man was stronger than usual, and the handsome young waiter was almost pushed to the ground by him. Li Jingxing looked for Li Yangzhi drunkenly, and found that she had been standing beside him all the time, as happy as anything. He immediately stumbled to Li Yangzhi's side, half of his body leaning on her, and vaguely whispered in her ear: "I don't want him to help me.." I want you. The strong smell of alcohol hit Li Yangzhi's face, and Li Yangzhi's little face turned red. Li Yangzhi resigned to hold Li Jingxing, said sorry to the handsome waiter, and pulled Li Jingxing into the elevator angrily. You old rascal, metal stamping parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, I really owe you in my previous life. "No.." I owe you. "It's good to know. When you die, don't forget to give me a share of the inheritance." "No!" Li Jingxing's blurred eyes Pure Brightness a lot. Capitalist, open your eyes to money! If you die and don't give me some points, I'll still serve you like this. Li Yangzhi discontented way. Li Jingxing lowered his head again and stared for a long time before he said, "I want to live a long life. I can't die before you." When Li Yangzhi heard this, there was a burst of pantothenic acid in his stomach. Damn, it seems that I really drank too much. Li Jingxing secretly pulled the corners of his mouth, but Li Yangzhi did not see it, because the elevator arrived. The author has something to say: It seems that the future chapters are very happy. Yang is old, and it is not good for his health to be too cruel. Next chapter, do you want a big ship? The atmosphere is good at this time. Chapter 51 Li Yangzhi threw Li Jingxing on the big bed with all his strength. Li Jingxing, like a dead pig, snorted and grabbed the pillow on his head. It was obvious that the place had been tidied up, and the sheets on which she had wiped her tears and snot had disappeared. The hotel room is filled with a faint fragrance, not the strong synthetic perfume of men and women, but the natural, faint fragrance of flowers. Li Jingxing seemed to be very drunk, his head touched the bed and he fell asleep, and no matter how Li Yangzhi called him, he just ignored him. Li Yangzhi looked at Li Jingxing's back with great resentment, stretched out his claws and made several gestures in the air, and finally turned away angrily. Li Jingxing hugged Li Yangzhi's waist from behind at the moment she turned around. Did you see that I was drunk and wanted to slip away? Li Jingxing enunciated clearly and did not look like he was going to die just now. You can rest assured that I'm over it, and I'll go fair and square, and never sneak around. Li Yangzhi seemed to have expected it, but he didn't react much. He just stiffened up and turned his head to the other side. Li Jingxing's body is so broad that it can almost cover the whole of Li Yangzhi. The dim light hit the two men, and there was only a conjoined shadow on the ground. Don't go. "Li Jingxing, you are obviously not drunk, pretending to be like this in the end is to calculate who?"? The people outside, or me? You are so scheming that you can kill me with your fingers. If you have any purpose, just say it, so that everyone can save trouble. "Oh, so I am such a person in your heart." Li Jingxing's "Hehe" aroused goose bumps all over Li Yangzhi. Her hair stood on end at the tone of whether she was sad or happy. I gave the jade card away. For a long time, Li Jingxing whispered in Li Yangzhi's ear, "Do you know what that jade means to me?" Li Yangzhi did not have the slightest reaction, but Li Jingxing did not mind, self-care said, some things blocked in the heart for too long, thought he had forgotten, in fact, the original is just self-deception. I have three sisters above me, and if my mother can't have another boy, the family will put pressure on my father to adopt a boy as heir. So my mother was under a lot of pressure when she was pregnant with me. She was often awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night. My father heard that jade could calm down. It took him a long time to find this piece of jade, which was said to be hundreds of years old. My mother wore it all the time. When my mother passed away,alloy die casting, the jade was passed on to me. Before she died, she told me that she wanted me to hang it around my wife's neck when she was pregnant, so that mother and child could be safe. 。
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