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"Everyone is tired these two days. Let's go to eat something good." Said Hansheng. Everyone said yes, but little Cuihua shook her head and said she would not go. She wanted to stay by Liu Jinmo's side. Then bring it back to you. Hansheng sighed and said. The rest of them went to the street together and walked into the largest state-owned restaurant in the area, where there were many people eating, steaming hot and full of wine. The dishes are also very fast, all local characteristics, such as sauce donkey meat, Meng monk powder sausage, Great Wall cake, Qinhuangdao roast prawns, four steamed buns, pancake zygote and sesame paste cake. Looking at the fragrant dishes on the Eight Immortals table, only Ye Lao was unhappy. He was a corpse with shriveled internal organs and had already lost his digestive function. So he sat aside and sulked. It was useless for Lao Cuihua to persuade him repeatedly. During the meal, a waiter came forward with a smile and said to everyone, "There is a table of foreign guests in the box over there. I want to invite this female Comrade to have a drink. Would you like to do me a favor?" "Foreign guests?" Han Sheng questioned. It's a Japanese guest from the capital. Said the waiter. Granny Wang waved her hand and said in disgust, "No." The waiter walked away sullenly. After a while, a young man dressed in a black suit came up with a wine glass. His face was flushed and smiling. He said directly to Mingyue in fluent Chinese: "This beautiful young lady, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Japanese, reporter Takeo Murakami. Our famous Japanese director, Mr. Kameda, is co-shooting an ancient costume film with your country." I saw you just now, and I think you have a rare classical beauty, which is very suitable for the heroine in the play. I wonder if Miss is interested in trying? The moon blushed, waved her hand and said, "No,Coil Nail Making Machine, no." "No?" Takeo Murakami said in surprise, "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Countless Chinese girls dream of it. As long as Mr. Kameda likes it, there is no one who is not red and purple. Please think twice." At this moment, Granny Wang suddenly said, "What is the content of the script?" "It is a martial arts feature film about the love and hatred between Miyamoto Musashi, the first swordsman in the Tokugawa shogunate era, and Qin Sanniang, a civilian girl in the Ming Dynasty of China." Murakami explained. Granny Wang kept silent. Alas, Mingyue is a young girl. She can't die of old age in the valley of Poyang Lake all her life. She can't break up with Huang Jianguo and harm her all her life. She will die soon. It's time for Mingyue to jump out of Jianghu and open up a new life. When I was young in Hong Kong, I was familiar with the film and television industry, and it was easy for me to become an instant hit. With Mingyue's figure, appearance and martial arts, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, I will surely become a generation of star idols. Besides, there are no handsome men in the film and television circles. After a long time, the moon will slowly forget the boy surnamed Huang. Is this not a kind of relief? "You go back and ask director Kameda if you can let Mingyue be the leading actress?" Granny Wang simply said. Oh, so the young lady's name is Mingyue. It's so beautiful. It's just like a person. Well, I'll ask Mr. Kameda right away. Please wait for the good news. Murakami bowed and hurried away. Master.. Mingyue looked at Granny Wang in puzzlement. Han Sheng is also inexplicable, mother-in-law today how, unexpectedly willing to casually agree to a stranger's invitation. The Japanese may be greedy for the beauty of the moon, but the evidence from the investigation by the public security department shows that Japan is an island country with abundant seafood, so the male hormones in the Japanese body are particularly strong. It is amazing to come to China every night to find a flower girl. Then look at the broad masses of the people of our country, all of them are'corn flour belly ', sexual ability is far inferior to the little devils, alas, the shame of the Chinese people. Feng Sheng sighed, his face showing the color of pain. How dare you! Ye Lao said angrily. Then why do we Chinese women cater to the Japanese? If you don't do it, won't the little devils be in a hurry empty-handed? Han Sheng asked Feng Sheng. But there are still prostitutes. Feng Sheng shook his head. All the prostitutes don't take off their pants. Ye Lao gnashed his teeth and said. What's wrong Feng Sheng was puzzled. Resist Japan. Replied Ye Lao. Han Sheng looked at Ye Lao Ren Jun unceasingly, and Feng Sheng beside him was already laughing. Mingyue's face turned even redder. Granny Wang coughed and said slowly, "Granny has her own idea." At this time, Takeo Murakami came over excitedly and said happily, "No problem. Mr. Kameda agrees that Miss Mingyue will play the leading role of Qin Sanniang in this film. Now I want to say a few words to Miss Mingyue alone. Can I?" The moon looked at the master and shook her head to show that she didn't want to. Mingyue, you go. Master is waiting for you here. Granny Wang said flatly, without the slightest tone of discussion. The moon did not dare to go against the master's wishes, so she had to stand up hesitantly, look at the master with grievance in her eyes, and follow Takeo Murakami to the private room inside the hotel. It was a suite dedicated to the reception of distinguished guests, and several well-dressed men sat around the table in the outer room, staring at the moon in amazement. The bright moon looked at one eye, do not know that one is that what Kameda, this name is really ugly. Murakami pointed to the inner room and said, "Miss Mingyue, Mr. Kameda is waiting for you inside." The moon gently pushed open the door, and inside stood a young man with his hands on his back, looking out of the window with his back to her, hearing the sound of the door, slowly turned around. "Jianguo!" The moon exclaimed. Everyone did not speak, did not eat food, silently waiting for the moon. Time passed by minute by minute, but the moon had not come back yet. Will something happen to the moon? Feng Sheng frowned and said. Unable Granny Wang said lightly. Those Japanese are all leering. It's been so long. Let's go and have a look. Feng Sheng is still not at ease, as a public security soldier, professional attributes determine that he should protect his own women in front of foreigners. Yeah,Nail production machine, let's take a look. Han Sheng also said so. Feng Sheng stood up, straightened his skirt, and then walked to the Japanese's private room with his head held high. 3shardware.com
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