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"Star ~" Ji Er's voice suddenly changed, Liu Xingchen was so frightened that she shivered all over. I don't know what tricks she was playing. Looking at one of her snow-white hands on his shoulder, he slowly raised his eyes and looked at Ji Er's little face. Then he couldn't help twitching at the corners of his mouth. The little woman was blinking at him, seducing him. ~ ~ overspeed first ~ ~ "What do you want?" Liu Xingchen swallowed the saliva and found that his palms were sweating. Star ~ Jill wants to eat midnight snack. Shall we go out to eat? The original Ji son is this period of time to hold back panic, although Liu Xingchen is her bodyguard, but for her safety, life and death do not let her go out, tonight can give her a chance to find. Liu Xingchen listens, understood, this little woman cares about him is false, oneself want to go out is true. No way Ji's seduction immediately lost its effect on Liu Xingchen. Star ~ I haven't been out for a long time, and now it's night. Will Long Xiaotian keep watch on me? Star, aren't you hungry? Let's go to Uncle Zhang's place on the street corner to eat noodles, and if you don't eat all night, it will hurt your stomach. Jill was at once pitiful and pleading, and her eyes were full of concern. Liu Xingchen didn't even want to clap her little hand and said slowly, "I can go to the fire room in the front yard to look for food." Then he turned away with a smirk at the corners of his mouth. You! You don't like me ~ Whoo, Ji'er has known for a long time. You have always looked down on Ji'er. Since Wang Ye left, you have bullied me. Whoo, now that you know Wang Ye will come late, you want to bully me again. Whoo, why is Ji'er's life so bitter? Even his own bodyguard bullied me. Jill's specialty, her fingers slipped in her eyes,nail manufacturing machine, and the pepper powder she had prepared touched her eyes, making her tears flow. Liu Xingchen mouth straight pumping, turned around, thought she was crying, but saw her fierce wiping tears can not help but confused, is he really too much to her? "Whoo, you are a bad guy!"! Worse than Long Xiaotian! Jill will never talk to you again! Jill immediately pushed him away and ran to the room, but when she ran past him,Automatic nail machine, the corners of her mouth were already raised. Liu Xingchen listened to this, the chest suddenly felt stuffy, immediately turned around, saw Ji son sadly closed the door, that pear flower with rain's small face unexpectedly let him heartache for no reason. For a long time, the room has been waiting for the crazy Jill was about to shout abuse, the door was knocked, suddenly the figure stopped, small face smiling. He slowly opened the door and looked at the embarrassed Liu Xingchen with a bitter face. "What do you want to do again?" He said angrily. "Let's go to eat noodles." Liu Xingchen said nervously, his handsome face became cold again, and his heart was suffocating. Why did he bow his head? But thinking that she might be crying in the room, his heart was as sad as if he had been punched. Outside Jill raised her eyebrows and looked askance at him. Uh Liu Xingchen answered softly. Not reluctantly? Jill pouted at his cold handsome face and laughed in her stomach. I'm hungry Liu Xingchen looked down at his feet in black cloth boots. All right, I'll go with you. Jill immediately went out, closed the door, took his arm, and pulled him neatly out. The thirty-eighth chapter of the main text is like a beautiful man. The front yard was brightly lit, Coil nail machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, and it was the golden time for brothels, with warblers and swallows talking, laughing and scolding, and business was booming. The backyard was dark and silent, and the stars were dim. Ji pulled Liu Xingchen not out of the door of the courtyard, but directly out of the back wall and landed in the dark back alley. The air outside is really fresh. Jill is in a good mood. Liu Xingchen shouted, "Come back after eating the noodles!" "I know, Hee Hee, Star. To be honest, why were you in a bad mood before? You didn't even eat." Jill pressed slyly close to his handsome face. Liu Xingchenjun blushed and hurriedly stayed away from her and said coldly, "It's all right. It's just that my stomach is uncomfortable." "Oh, yeah?"? I thought Wang Ye was coming later, and you were not happy. Jill shook her hands and jumped up and down, apparently like a fourteen-year-old girl, but in fact she had a kind of relaxed feeling that the prisoner was being let out, and wanted to give vent to it. Hearing this, Liu Xingchen stopped. He looked at Ji's smiling little face in a dull way and suddenly realized a very serious problem. He was not unhappy because Wang Ye was coming late, but depressed because Wang Ye was only coming back in more than a month. Isn't this the opposite? God, how can this happen, Liu Xingchen suddenly woke up, he fell in love with this little woman. Star, what's the matter? Let's go. Aren't you hungry? Jill looked at him strangely and saw that his whole body was getting colder and colder. Liu Xingchen all over a shock, once again with his pair of dark deep star eyes took a glance at Ji son, he has been nineteen years old, how can like only fourteen years old little girl? He must be crazy. Ji Er flat mouth, pull him forward, the spirit of some trance Liu Xingchen under her pull out of the alley, came to the brighter street, although the night is thick, but this street brothels quite a lot, but do not feel dark. Street is a very old noodle stall, the place is not big, but very clean, the shopkeeper is a charitable old man, everyone calls him Uncle Zhang, ramen is his specialty, and he only opens the shop in the evening, after the morning market is closed. At the moment there is only a middle-aged man in the noodle shop eating noodles, Ji Er and Liu Xingchen a look at that person is very ordinary, should not be the person of Long Xiaotian, so very relieved to go in. Uncle Zhang, give us two bowls of noodles with pickled cabbage and shredded pork, and put more meat in one bowl. Jill shouted loudly to the fire room where Uncle Zhang could be seen. All right, girl, wait a minute, I'll be right with you! Although Uncle Zhang is old, he is in good spirits and has a loud voice. People who have not seen him can never imagine that he is an old man over fifty years old. Ji smiled at Liu Xingchen, and they sat down face to face. The middle-aged man over there finished eating quickly, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and threw down a piece of broken silver. All of a sudden,High Speed Nail Making Machine, only the two of them were left in the noodle shop. Star, why don't you speak? Are you so unhappy? Jill saw that his complexion had been bad, and her heart became depressed.
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