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At this time, the light did not know how hard it was, so that Nan Huairen was on pins and needles, until a long time later, Li Qiye seemed to be tired of sitting, and finally, he waved to Nan Huairen. Relieved, Nan Huairen immediately jumped up and brought Li Qiye down. After coming down, Nan Huairen hurriedly said, "Elder Martial Brother, it's getting late. Let's go back first." He did not want to continue to take Li Qiye around, he was really afraid that Li Qiye would do something out of line again. For Nan Huairen's attitude, Li Qiye just laughed and nodded gently. Bah- "Seeing that Li Qiye was still so calm, the disciple of Jiusheng Demon Gate couldn't help it. He said to Li Qiye with a sneer," The ancient school of washing face is just a small school that is not popular. A tortoise bastard also wants a toad to eat swan meat. Bah, an idiot who also wants to marry our Elder Martial Sister! Provoking himself on the spot, Li Qiye slowly turned his head and looked at the disciple. He said slowly, "Marry your Elder Martial Sister?"? This is too to put gold on my face, even if Tiannu Fairy wants to marry me,wire nail machine manufacturers, I have to consider whether to marry her! Not to mention your elder sister! "Things that don't know whether they are alive or dead-" Li Qiye's words immediately aroused public anger. Many of the male disciples of Jiusheng Demon Gate present could be said to be Li Shuangyan's admirers, so they immediately glared at Li Qiye with countless eyes. " Harmony is precious, and harmony is precious. This scene scared Nan Huairen's back to chill, immediately pulled Li Qiye to turn around and walk away, he did not want to let Li Qiye continue to stay! "Rats, don't run away if you can!" The disciple of Jiusheng Demon Gate was somewhat indignant and said angrily. If Li Qiye is not a guest, they immediately go after him and beat Li Qiye into a cripple! Nan Huairen dragged Li Qiye back to the courtyard and fled back in one breath. Nan Huairen breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid. At this time,Nail machine supplier, he suspected that Li Qiye was arrogant and an ignorant and fearless fool. Elder Martial Brother, we can't afford the Nine Saints Demon Gate. Take a step back and endure it. Nan Huairen could not help but persuade Li Qiye, this is not only for Li Qiye, he did not want to lose his life in the Nine Holy Demons Gate. There's nothing to put up with. Li Qiye smiled calmly and said, "Soldiers come to block, and water comes to cover." Nan Huairen immediately no doubt, stand on such a master, is simply asking for trouble, this time, he can not help but some regret stand on this task. As a matter of fact, many young disciples of Jiusheng Demon Gate are extremely dissatisfied with the marriage between Xiyan Ancient School and Jiusheng Demon Gate. Li Shuangyan is the favored daughter of the Nine Holy Demons. She stands high above the masses. I don't know how many younger generation of male disciples love her. Now Li Shuangyan may be betrothed to the chief disciple of Xiyan Ancient School, which of course makes countless male disciples of the younger generation angry. In the eyes of the younger generation of disciples of the Jiusheng Demon Sect, the Xiyan Ancient Sect is a small and declining sect, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and it is not qualified to marry with their Jiusheng Demon Sect at all, not to mention that the chief disciple of the Xiyan Ancient Sect is still a waste of mortal body! Marriage is a disgrace to the dreams of many young disciples. I don't know how many male disciples of the younger generation want to pinch Li Qiye to death. Du yuanguang is one of the disciples who don't like Li Qiye very much. Du yuanguang is a disciple of Jiusheng Demon Gate. He has a very good talent. He is known as the little genius of Jiusheng Demon Gate. He has only been in the world for five years, and he is already the peak of the palace realm. After this year's examination, he will be able to become a key disciple of Jiusheng Demon Gate! Du yuanguang is definitely one of the most adoring disciples of Li Shuangyan, the goddess of the Nine Holy Demons. Because when the Nine Saints Demon Gate selected disciples, when Du yuanguang worshipped the Nine Saints Demon Gate, Li Shuangyan presided over the selection of disciples. Seeing Li Shuangyan for the first time, Du yuanguang was astonished. He was chosen by Li Shuangyan to enter the Nine Saints Demon Gate. He thought Li Shuang Yan favored him. Du yuanguang, who has a good talent, is very confident. He hopes that one day, he will be able to practice Taoism with Li Shuangyan and become a Taoist couple. Now inexplicably came a marriage of the ancient school of washing face, which made Du yuanguang hate Li Qiye, who had never met before. Especially today Li Qiye disdained Li Shuangyan's words in the duel field, which made Du yuanguang furious. A little beast who doesn't know whether he is alive or dead, a mere mortal waste who dares to boast, an arrogant and ignorant thing, if you don't teach him a lesson, you won't know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is! So, after hearing this, Li yuanguang's eyes were cold and murderous! Chapter 9 killing people without blinking (part 1). ? Chapter 9 killing people without blinking. (Top) The next day, Li Qiye got up early in the morning and asked Nan Huairen to go for a walk around the Nine Holy Demons Gate. He wants to see what is left of the Nine Holy Demon Gate! Nan Huairen is a hundred unwilling, whether Li Qiye is an idiot, or neurotic, intuition tells him that Li Qiye is definitely a troublemaker, walking with him, I am afraid there is no good fruit to eat. However, Li Qiye did not care whether he was willing or not, turned around and walked away, which made Nan Huairen have to follow up with a bitter face, after all, this time for the assessment, before the assessment, what happened to Li Qiye, he is not easy to explain. However, Li Qiye two people just went out not far, was blocked, blocked Li Qiye two of them is known as the little genius of the outer disciple Du yuanguang! Moreover, it was not only Du yuanguang who blocked Li Qiye, but also more than a dozen disciples of Jiusheng Demon Gate. Jiusheng Demon Gate has many disciples who don't like Li Qiye for a long time, but it's not easy to teach him a lesson. Now Du yuanguang takes the lead. Of course, many disciples are willing to follow to teach Li Qiye a lesson. It's Brother Du. I've heard so much about you. I've heard so much about you. Seeing Du yuanguang and a group of people with bad intentions, Nan Huairen's face changed and he hurried forward to greet Du yuanguang to show his good intentions. Du yuanguang didn't even look at Nan Huairen much. He said coldly,Nail machine manufacturer, "Nan Huairen, you have nothing to do here. Go to one side to cool off. Otherwise, even you will be cleaned up together." 。 3shardware.com
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