Quickly wear a female villain boss, strong flirting (this palace is slightly fat)

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Walking slowly from the clean room, Gong Jiu kept an eye on the condition of the clean room as he walked. Known as the heavenly teacher, Gong Jiu has several brushes. He has the ability to see ghosts since he was a child. Therefore, he was bought by his parents as a monster and adopted by a Taoist priest. Although the Taoist priest scolded Gong Jiu, his abilities were all learned by Gong Jiu. Gong Jiu himself crawled and rolled all the way from an orphan without father and mother to the position of Tianshi today. Of course, he had a little cleverness and courage, but most of them relied on his ability to kill enemies with real knives and guns and demons. A small peach blossom demon entered Gong Jiu's room, but it really could not hide from Gong Jiu's eyes and ears. As Gong Jiu walked toward the clean room, he wondered what kind of stupid appearance the Peach Blossom Demon had become before he turned into a bucket of boy urine waiting for him. If such a woman pursues him, he will have a feeling that his IQ has been lowered. I don't know if this peach blossom demon is a real female companion. Alas, the general female match is full of scheming and ruthless existence, the appearance of the peach blossom demon is in this way, Gong Jiu felt that he was not interested in the so-called peach blossom demon female match. There will be psychological shadow in the future. The door of the clean room was pushed open by Gong Jiu. He did not go in. He glanced around and then landed in the position of Gong Tong. The fragrance of peach blossoms comes from the top of the bucket, and the evil spirit is also overflowing from the bucket. This little goblin's evil spirit can't be stopped, so he dares to steal his boy's urine. It's really bold! Gong Jiu's door was knocked open by the big prince at this time. The big prince with the emperor's sword in his hand walked quickly toward Gong Jiu,Nail machine manufacturer, raising his sword and splitting at Gong Jiu. This split can really split the clean room in half. Gong Jiu remembered that he had avoided it in his last life, and then the prince split the clean room in half, and of course split the bucket in the clean room in half. So the Peach Blossom Demon of the last life was so quietly stupid. Seeing the momentum of the sword, Gong Jiu, who had planned to retreat, thought that the stupid and ignorant Peach Blossom Demon was going to die again. He snorted a little discontentedly from the bottom of his heart and stretched out his hand to wave the momentum of the big prince's sword away. The sword turned,Nail Making Machine price, and the fierce momentum even split the window. Gong Jiu stood with his hands on his back and looked askance at the big prince. "What is the big prince doing?"? If you have something to say, how can you destroy these innocent flowers and plants, trees and trees? The big prince's sword struck out of the window, which really destroyed the flowers and plants outside the window. The big prince pursed his mouth and did not speak. He raised his sword and split it at Gong Jiu. Gong Jiu was really impatient. He hated this kind of person who killed when he didn't agree with him. Is it great to be a man? Can be capricious, ruthless, ignorant and reckless? So this time, Gong Jiu not only did not avoid, but brewed True Qi to meet the sword gas of the big prince. At this time, the big prince is just the first form of the man, he has not experienced too many setbacks, but also some naive, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail making machine, has not learned not to bury their own ideas. He was not used to Gong Jiu, nor would he dig a hole for Gong Jiu in a circuitous way. He would only rush up with his own momentary anger. During this period, his force value was naturally no better than Gong Jiu's. True Qi and sword Qi put together, the next moment "bang", the whole room was destroyed, the big prince staggered back a few steps, fell to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. And Gong Jiu stood steadily and motionless in front of the bucket next to him. If it hadn't been for his protection, the bucket would have broken into piles like the house. It happened that the stupid and ignorant Peach Blossom Demon did not know how to be grateful at all. Gong Jiu glanced at the small bucket that was slowly changing. So this guy thinks he can get away with it by getting smaller? I don't want to think about whether this time is suitable for getting bigger and smaller! It's too late to regret being burned as a goblin. Meet such a stupid goblin, Gong Jiu is also very speechless. He moved a little step forward to block the big prince to look at the view of the barrel, and looked up at the big prince with a motionless look on his face. Eyes condensation of Gong Jiu light hum: "big prince, this is what?"? In the quiet place of Buddhism, it's enough for the big prince to play with a sword and a gun. He destroyed the scriptures that your majesty had sincerely copied to pray for the people. What was the big prince thinking? The big prince took a look at the ruins of the house, which had been unable to distinguish the outline. He knew that his own sword could not make the house like this. It was clear that the smelly Taoist priest had added fuel to the fire and then planted the accusation on him. He was so angry that he gnashed his teeth and said to Gong Jiu, "You demon!"! You fool your father to do evil. Do you think the king doesn't know what you have done? Dog Taoist, don't be complacent too early. Sooner or later, the king will behead you. Gong Jiu ignored him. He waved to the servant who was hiding beside him and said, "Tell Your Majesty what happened here." Then he sighed and said, "Your Majesty wants to pray for the common people, but the scriptures written by Your Majesty have been destroyed. How can Your Majesty's patriotism and love for the people reach heaven?" The attendants knelt on the ground, their faces white, and they dared not say a word. But Gong Jiu frowned and said thoughtfully, "Well, in a few days, the Japanese heavenly teacher will go to the Tianshan Mountains and burn incense and bathe at the celestial pole to pray for a hundred days, so that heaven and earth will grant Your Majesty's petition." The big prince shouted angrily, "You are a demon full of lies. If you dare to fool your father and the people again, the king will cut you into pieces and die without a whole body." Gong Jiu glanced at him with pity on his face and sighed, "Big prince, you keep saying that I'm fooling your majesty and the people. Do you have any evidence?"? The big prince, the grand prince, really shouldn't say such irresponsible words. I do everything for the people of the world, for the sake of your majesty, the big prince said so about me, my heart is very unfair. The noise here was so loud that even the abbot of the pagoda temple came over with a bunch of monks. When the abbot heard Gong Jiu say this, he didn't understand the whole story. He hurried up to persuade the big prince: "The big prince is a holy place of Buddhism,iron nail machine, and the heavenly teacher is a saint. You can't do this." Every time the abbot with a white beard said a few words, he said Amitabha. He didn't mean to stop at all. The big prince was annoyed by the abbot's words. With a wave of his sleeve, he turned around and walked away. 3shardware.com
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