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Posted by Chikirinmochirifu from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:19:05 am.
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Lu Xian and Ji Liu still often go out to do tasks, occasionally to Akagi, and even colder Arxan. They were lucky. Once they met Fang Baiye himself. He was mainly responsible for scientific research. The last time the exchange group was almost destroyed, the top management of the imperial capital also had a lingering fear. So from that time to the beginning of the second year, he was only approved to come out once, hoping to meet Lu Xian and talk about "important things" face to face. The result was really fulfilled. Ji Liu's confinement ended during the Chinese New Year, and it was a bit boring that she couldn't go out all the time. However, once she went out, it meant that Lu Xian and Xiaotang had to stay. Although there was no such clear stipulation above, the previous meeting was very clear after everyone's analysis. It was not necessary to challenge the bottom line above. As for the fact that Ji Liu not only beat up a person with A-level powers, but even crushed his collarbone and completely ruined it, Ji Liu, a girl in the second grade, explained: "Anyway, I have to leave sooner or later. Why should I be a man with my tail between my legs?"? If the above can not endure, the big deal is to drive me away, it is estimated that they dare not tear up with me, after all, I went on a rampage. I'm afraid of myself. People:.. No one can answer your words! Yu Changsheng, this child, can not be said to be bad, his mental power is also very powerful, but at present, even if Xiaotang has time for special guidance, the fighting capacity that can not protect itself is still not very useful. He has now been named into a fixed team, captain Lu Wuyin, members of Baoyin, Yu Changsheng and poaching over the gay Oriental White, in addition to such "all relatives and friends team line-ups" estimates that no one else will accept him. The last one is Ji Liu, as S level, it is obvious that she can not act with Lu Xian and Xiaotang, it is even more impossible to form a team alone,tannic acid astringent, so after applying to join the A-level team, the above review, and finally passed. Although Lu wuyin cow beep, but baoyin this wood department power basically is to urge vegetation germination, it seems not very powerful (the birth of plants can not fight), in Changsheng this other teams do not want the small zhengtai is no actual combat ability, the east white is powerful, but no strong DPS teammates, he can only slip away to fly, sneak attack. To tell you the truth, Lu Wuyin fights alone, but most people can't do it, but let him be the main force against zombies, as long as the body is covered with zombies is his upper limit, others simply can't borrow his light. So, such a "old, lycopene for skin ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, weak, sick and disabled" team, but also a level of power, high-level see the list all want to praise-there is no safer team for Ji Liu to participate in, we are not worried about her going out to cause trouble, anyway, with so many drag oil bottles! Therefore, Ji Liu entered the team in name, but could not leave the base because of confinement. Before that, four people barely did the task, and sometimes failed. Although there was no punishment, Lu Wuyin would scold Ji Liu every time he came back. This time Ji Liu finally had a chance to go out, and it was approved by the old, weak, sick and disabled team. Lu Xian and Xiaotang stayed very consciously. The driver was Captain Lu Wuyin, and Baoyin was sitting in the co-driver's seat. There were three bachelors in the back. Little Zhengtai went on a mission with Ji Liu for the first time. He felt very exciting and kept peeking at her, because he had only heard how powerful Ji Liu was in fighting zombies before, but he had never seen it at all. It never occurred to him that this was a real trip. Aershan is a place name that Lu Xian knows when he plays a train game. The Great God's Strategy says that he needs to buy the lowest level city in his daily tasks. To complete this task and get a reward, it is most cost-effective to buy the cheapest first-class city in the whole game map, Aershan. So, before the end of this time, she happened to find the place name on the map and began to pay attention. Unlike the game of driving a train, the city is in the corner of the empire, and it is not far from the border line. Besides the mountains, there are grasslands on the edge, and even the intersection of several grasslands. The sky is high and the emperor is far away. The place is small, but it is inhabited by many ethnic groups, and even foreigners. This kind of "place where the empire is too lazy to control and other countries can't control" looks like a miniature version of Akagi. So when the car drove more than a day and a night, even Changsheng felt wrong: "How to drive for such a long time?"? Our mission shouldn't have gone that far. No one answered. When he got to Arxan, Lu Wuyin lifted the child's neck collar and stared at him with big eyes. He told him, "Stay here and don't go out to cause trouble. There are no zombies around here. It's very safe. Although there are fewer resources, it's barely self-sufficient. The best thing is that there is heating here.". Just wait here. We'll all be here. When the child looked confused, he saw the other people in the car waving at him, and then Lu Wuyin drove away! Looking back at Changsheng, there were many foreigners with whiskers and big cotton-padded gowns everywhere, and even many foreigners. At the moment, it was too late to roll around and promise Lu Wuyin that he would not fool Ji Liu as a gun in the future. He could only shed tears against the wind to send his inner panic. The people on the bus are the first time to Arxan, that is, because they have not been here before, so it is not easy to control the time, this time there is no time to visit, they sent Yu Changsheng to hurry back. Outgoing powers have to contact nearby correspondents every two days to report the completion of the mission and the current location. If the time is exceeded, the base headquarters will mark the team's loss of contact. In fact, there are other correspondents nearby, but in order not to expose the ghost place where chickens do not lay eggs and birds do not shit, they can only go on their way desperately, and it is still a little difficult to reach the place specified in the mission within 48 hours-the performance of their car is not as good as that of Lu Xian and Xiaotang. After two o'clock in the afternoon, their journey was only half of what they had come. At this time, they were going to "fly" the Oriental White. As soon as the car door opened, without even stopping, Ji Liu saw him somersault out,carnosic acid price, not much different from stepping on a somersault cloud, and flew into the sky in an instant. Lu Xian's speed is very fast, Ji Liu has always thought that there is no difference between her and the wind power.
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