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Posted by Chikirinmochirifu from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:18:54 am.
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"No, no, no!" Roast chicken Liu hurriedly explained, "To tell you the truth, I came up with this idea!"! It's better to bite a tooth mark in the big crotch! Shopkeeper Lao Wang has promised to be a middleman. It's better to do things according to the old rules than in foreign ways. "All right!" The husband patted the roast chicken Liu encouragingly, "Brother!"! Your brother has also adjusted it for you! Come on! Heaven makes a good match, and the cat's in-laws hit it off. Sure enough, when her husband came back the next day, he became exultant and had an unusual attitude. He also became modest and decided to drive himself to meet his cat uncle. She figured out something vaguely and sadly, but she was relieved that Aunt Cat had a partner. Isn't everything arranged according to the scheduled plan? But who would have thought that the person adjusted the cat but made a temper, in an instant the big crotch alley made a person upside down, Leng picked himself up on the roof of the ancient building. Ah! I'm still walking on the back of the tile. There are still so many gloating eyes below, floating, floating, surging at the foot. And in these countless swimming eyes, there is a burst of shouts, shouts, noises, noises, noise, good sound,ghana seed extract, it seems that at any time the ancient teahouse left by Emperor Qianlong may be knocked down. Suddenly, a cry of surprise suddenly rushed up from downstairs, she was startled, only to feel a slip under her feet, then suddenly rolled down from the high roof. She closed her eyes in fear, resigned to wait for the terrible result, the screams below became louder and louder, and she opened her eyes again,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, ah! He was standing safely in the crowd with Tess in his arms. It was only a dream just now, a terrible dream with that shrimp-like figure! Ah! Incorrect! It's like it's not just a dream. Suddenly, she looked up again at the top of the teahouse and saw that the shrimp-like figure was really slipping from the ridge of the tile, just because there was a large area of rotten and overgrown weeds between the ancient tiles, which made him stuck in the collapse. There was a sigh of disappointment at the bottom of the building, and the bottom of the bottle was still panting and trembling. But at that moment, a miracle happened. The cat, who had been tasting the fish on the back of the tile, seemed to think that the owner's appearance was very interesting, and came slowly and curiously. And that shrimp-like figure also seems to be in danger still do not forget love, Leng one conveniently to copy the cat in the bosom. Then he cried! Strange voice and strange breath, I do not know what kind of taste of crying. The people at the bottom shouted and laughed, but the porcelain people were silly, stupefied and stunned. She saw herself again from the bottom of the bottle. Maoni five Don't say that though the bottom of the bottle climbed on the top of the building and lost all people, it was true. The big crotch alley has made an indelible contribution. All right, akba boswellic acid ,jujube seed powder, you! Guquan Teahouse has become more famous since then. After this incident, everyone knew that there was a foreign cat in the big crotch alley. It seems that each of the two trouser legs is decorated with a brocade ball, which attracts more visitors. With the hustle and bustle, even foreigners have come to visit again. But it has been said since ancient times that if the Tang Priest takes back the Sutra and sits down, he will provoke his descendants, Wukong! Although the bottom of the bottle caught the two precious cats in succession, it was still the iron whirlwind of the east trouser leg and the leader of the west trouser leg that caused a sensation. You know, the best is yet to come! Fortunately, the bottom of the bottle doesn't dare to care about this at all. To put it bluntly, he still knows himself: isn't he spitting out all the seeds of blindness? In order to no longer wronged daughter-in-law, it is worthwhile to play a few lives! As a result, he was even more modest with trepidation when he returned from the thrilling meritorious service at the top of the old teahouse. Until the modesty to the shrimp-like figure is more curved, the splayed legs are more turned out, and the eyes behind the glasses at the bottom of the bottle are more confused. All right, you! I'm not an all-in-one person. Although he felt ashamed of himself, now that the cat uncle and the cat aunt had returned home safely, the happy event of marrying the cat in-laws had to go on. Come on! All of a sudden, the gongs and drums were played again to reopen the play, but the stage had been moved back from the roof to the inside of the house. The bottom of the bottle seemed to be very satisfied with the change, and he still had a lingering fear of the crumbling top of the teahouse. It's another rush of gongs and drums. In a trance, the bottom of the bottle only felt this mess in front of the glasses! But he never thought that he would be in the light of the cat, holding the groom Zorro for the first time to taste the taste of sitting in a high-end sleeping car. Two days in a row, not to mention drilling through the crotch of the big trousers, but also inviting guests in the east trouser legs for a while, and setting tables in the west trouser legs for a while. In addition, the big matchmaker was specially invited to roast the chicken at both ends, which added a special luster to the big crotch alley. In-laws! Ha ha ha The man of the other side folded his fists and cheered. Ha ha ha! In-laws! His wife raised her hand and giggled. This time Zorro had already been hugged to death by him, and he didn't run! And there was only wine in front of him, the wine that Roast Chicken Liu kept offering. The laughter stirs, straight all around stirred the individual to shake the table to shake, complicated and confusing. At the bottom of the bottle, amid jubilant shouts, it seemed that the oily roast chicken on the plate was about to fly away. He poured down a few more cups, as if he was dizzy and could not even tell who his wife was. Water spirit, true water spirit, wine poured out of the water spirit, but not like their own! Smile, smile again, with the smell of wine, but people admit it. Listen! The handsome iron whirlwind also took the initiative to toast himself. "In-laws!"! One more! You are one of the few knowledgeable people here. With your thick glasses, it also adds geomantic omen to our big pants block alley! If you need anything in the future, brother, just say something! "This, this." He was a little flattered. Drink! Drink! His daughter-in-law rarely urged him gently. This, this.. He doesn't know what to do. Drink! Drink Roast chicken Liu also took the stubble, "married the cat in-laws, even if a family!"! Regardless of each other, regardless of you and me! Even we all listen to Big Brother Tie,naringenin price, and if you need it, you can open up your orders! "This, this." He was so excited that he had no words.
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