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Necklace is very beautiful, the design is not complicated, the pendant is a ring with a crescent moon, the moon can rotate, low-key with delicate luxury. Chu Zheng threw the necklace on the table and went into the bedroom with his schoolbag. - Chu Zheng knocked Bai Yuyao and Song Jing unconscious and threw them at school. Both of them caught a cold and were hospitalized the next day. About breaking off the marriage, someone asked from time to time, and Chu Zheng was so annoyed that he pasted a note on his seat. Indicating that she was the one who broke off the marriage. If you want to question the truth, please call the Song family. Attached is a phone number of the Song family. Simple and crude translation-don't bother me again. Song Jing and Bai Yuyao were hospitalized and failed to deal with the matter in time. In the end, there is almost no possibility of turning the tables. Song Jing and Chu Zheng have an engagement. Chu Zheng retired from his marriage. Before Chu Zheng broke off his marriage, Song Jing dated Bai Yuyao. Further on, Bai Yuyao and Chu Zheng were very close during that time, defending her everywhere. After the accident of the Shen family, Bai Yuyao did not associate with her, and people did not feel anything wrong. After all, the matter of the Shen family is there, and if you get too close to the people of the Shen family, it will not be good for you to involve yourself. But now that I think about it, there seems to be something else. Of course, these things are all discussed in private, and no one dares to take them out. Anyhow,pumpkin seed extract, Song Jing and Bai Yuyao have a lot of fans at school. If you are hated, you will lose more than you gain. Song Jing and Bai Yuyao came to school on the third day. As soon as Chu Zheng entered the classroom, he was called to the office. Song Jing and Bai Yuyao are here, and Song's mother is also here. She is talking to the teacher in charge of the class: "Mother Song, you can rest assured that after asking clearly, we are making a decision, okay?" When Chu Zheng went in,phycocyanin spirulina, Song Mu looked at her like she was carrying a knife. Song Jing was disgusted, as if looking at her was an insult to him. Bai Yuyao stood softly and weakly beside Song Jing, looking at Chu Zheng with grievance, silent and empty of her evil deeds. The first Zheng walked to the middle without squinting: "Teacher, what's the matter?" "Cough.." The teacher coughs: "Shen classmate, be such, did 3 days ago knock out Song Jing and Bai Yuyao two classmates, throw them inside flower bed?" "No." "You still don't admit it?" Song mother directly exploded: "Teacher, my son will not lie, your school is not monitoring, check monitoring!" " "Mother Song, don't get excited." The teacher quickly appeased. She turned her head and said, "Shen, I hope you can tell the truth. Did you do it?" "No." Chu Zheng is adhering to no, best green coffee bean extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, no, you don't talk nonsense to deny the truth of Sanlian, and insist that she didn't do it. Teacher, check the surveillance! Song Jing made suggestions. Chu Zheng is a little square, she forgot that the school has such a thing as monitoring, mistake! Never make such a mistake next time! Son of a bitch What to do! Little sister, don't be so fierce to me in the future, and I will help you, OK? The King is threatening Chu Zheng with schadenfreude. Ok. Chu Zheng promised very quickly. The king number happily went to help Chu Zheng to deal with the monitoring. But Wang Zhe forgot that it was common for Chu Zheng not to keep his word. Of course, when he realized it, it was already the last word. With the backing of a bastard, Chu Zheng said confidently, "What if I don't find out?" "Well, that's what you did. Can't you find out?" When Song's mother thought of what she had done before Chu Zheng, she hated her so much that her teeth itched. "Teacher, if you find out, you must expel her. How can such a person be at school?" "Mother Song, don't get excited. This has to be done according to the rules and regulations of the school. It can't be decided in one sentence." The teacher said so, but his attitude was obviously partial to Song's mother: "But as long as we find out, we will punish her severely. Song's mother, please calm down." Chu Zheng repeated, "What if I don't find out?" Song Jing felt that Chu Zheng was bluffing and was sure to find out, so he asked, "What do you want to do?" The king slipped back and muttered advice to Chu Zheng. Chu Zheng disliked the trouble and wanted to be direct, so the king shouted for her to read the lines. For the sake of what the King had just done, Chu Zheng did not refute it again. Chu Zheng: "If you don't find out, you must apologize to me in front of the whole school at Monday's regular meeting. By the way, I broke off the marriage." Song Jing: ".." Bai Yuyao hung crystal tears and looked at Chu Zheng in amazement. Of course, she was not afraid, she felt that the girl in front of her was really too strange. It's like a different person. She knows best how much she likes Song Jing. But now.. She even disdained to look at Song Jing, as if she had completely ignored him. How is that possible? If you like a person, how can you say you don't like him? The fastest update, no pop-ups, please read. Mobile Station: Chapter 574 I am your sister (29). "Well, yes." Song's mother agreed to come down for Song Jing. Like Song Jing's idea, Chu Zheng is bluffing. Song Jing felt something was wrong and felt a little uneasy in his heart, but he had no time to go back on his word. Check it out. Chu Zheng motioned to the teacher to check the monitoring. Song Jing. Bai Yuyao called Song Jing weakly. It's all right. The school's surveillance is everywhere. She can't run away. Song Jing comforted Bai Yuyao. The teacher saw that both sides agreed, and then applied to the school to see the monitoring. According to Song Jing's time, the teacher pulled the time to that time. But the strange thing was that Song Jing was the only one there at that time, and there were no outsiders. Song Jing has some movements, like talking to someone. Then Song Jing fainted, and then seemed to be dragged up and stuffed into the flower bed. Then Bai Yuyao appeared, the same situation. But in the video, there is no one else except Bai Yuyao and Song Jing. The people in the office feel a little cold for no reason. You must have hit a ghost. Chu Zheng broke the eerie silence: "Don't slander me." "Is there no problem with the teacher's monitoring?" Song Jing's face is ugly,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, how can there be no? How could she not be on the surveillance? "No." The teacher shook his head: "There will be no problem with the school's monitoring." "You're either bumping into ghosts or slandering me together." Chu Zheng added, "I've already broken off my marriage. Do you still want me to drop out of school?" "Shen Chuzheng, don't talk nonsense!" Song Jing scolded.
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