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So. Today, the swindler Lu Hongzhe, who was overcast by Lin Tao, wants to retaliate. He wants to interrupt this situation. He can't ask Lin Tao to eat whole food alone. What? Did you discuss it? Do you have a bad heart, too? Liu Zaishi said in surprise. Accompanied by Liu Zaishi's query, Lu Hongzhe's phone rang, and the caller was Zheng Junhe. Hong Zhe, where are you? I'm at the door. After Lu Hongzhe connected the phone, he only heard the simple and honest voice of the silly brother Zheng Junhe coming from inside. Hearing Zheng Junhe's voice, Liu Zaishi immediately turned around and ran away. He didn't care about it. He just wanted not to be caught by Zheng Junhe. At the same time as Liu Zaishi's reaction was Lin Tao. After hearing Zheng Junhe's voice, he ran, leaving only one sentence: "Hong Zhe, don't say anything." After the command, he kept running to the door. Hearing Lin Tao's order, Lu Hongzhe, who had wanted to say something else, could only shut up, who told him to be caught, and could only hear the order. Hello? Hong Chul? Why don't you speak? Where are you? Silly brother Zheng Junhe did not hear Lu Hongzhe's response, not very confused asked. Then the phone, listening to the phone Zheng Junhe braved the silly voice, Lu Hongzhe can only roll his eyes in silence, do not know what to say,saw palmetto extract, he can only sigh silly brother silly. With the question of the silly brother, Lin Tao quickly fled to the door of the MBC TV station, and then saw Zheng Junhe who was making a phone call. Zheng Junhe, who was on the phone, saw Lin Tao running toward him, and his first reaction was to run. Although he didn't know what Lin Tao was running toward him for, he still ran first. Unfortunately, his reaction was correct, but the speed was not proportional to Lin Tao's. Lin Tao soon caught up with Zheng Junhe,turmeric extract powder, who was running away, and got his orange tail. Ah Lin Tao, how can you catch me? ? What's the situation? Zheng Junhe, who was caught up by Lin Tao and got the tail, was still a little depressed about the truth of the matter. Brother Junhe, I want to catch you now. I have a green tail, so I want to catch brother Hong Zhe with a yellow tail. Brother Hong Zhe wants to catch you with an orange tail. Brother, you want to catch brother Shi with a red tail. That's it. This is a rainbow circle. There are seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They form a circle like this. Lin Tao looked at Zheng Junhe and didn't know anything, so he could only explain with a smile. Ah, it's like this.. "Zheng Junhe nodded his head with some ignorance and foolishness on his face." I just caught brother Hong Zhe, so with his yellow tail, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,stesweet stevia, I can catch your orange tail. The next target is brother Shi's purple tail. Lin Tao raised the yellow tail behind him and said. Ah, like this.. "Zheng Junhe finally said as if he understood something." Doesn't that mean that I was cheated by Hong Zhe? He also said he wanted to form an alliance with me, which made me come to him specially. Zheng Junhe suddenly reacted to something and said, his face full of consternation and surprise. Looking at Zheng Junhe's silly appearance, Lin Tao could not help but be speechless, thinking, you just react to come over. Similarly, when this scene was broadcast, the director group specially added a sentence on it, "Silly brother is not stupid, but it's a pity that it's too late.". With the dejected Zheng Junhe walked to Lu Hongzhe's side, Lin Tao was very satisfied with the nod and said: "Let's go to Ruai Island Park." "Ah, Hong Zhe ah, you dare to cheat brother, obviously is to catch me, actually cheat me to say cooperation." On the way, the silly brother who had been cheated by Lu Hongzhe asked angrily. Brother, you know, this is a variety show. Don't trust anyone. I was caught by Lin Tao because I believed in Shi Ge. Lu Hongzhe said with some frustration that he really didn't expect to catch eagles every day, but he didn't expect to be pecked blind by eagles in the end. Serves you right. Someone should cure you. Who told you to cheat people every day? Zheng Junhe said with some relief and some schadenfreude. On one side, Lin Tao, who was quarreling with two people, called Liu Zaishi very kindly and said, "Brother, I have to announce that our alliance is dissolved, because I caught Brother Junhe, so my next target is you." "Ah, Xiaotao, you did it too quickly." Liu Zaishi said discontentedly. If you don't do it, you can't do it quickly. I won't say more. Brother, I just found something wrong, so I left early. We're leaving, too. See you at Ruai Island Park. Lin Tao said very directly that he felt that he had been helped by Liu Zaishi, and that his performance was not so obscene. After all, he was an idol, not a comedian. He should pay attention to his image. All right, see you in the park. Liu Zaishi said dejectedly that he had lost a lot of money today and had been taken advantage of by Lin Tao. Fortunately, Lin Tao was loyal enough and did not take a stand. Ah, Yigu, today is really too unlucky. I watched him escape from my eyes twice. It's really, ah, now I have to face Xiaotao's tough and deadly opponent. Ah, it's really too bitter. Liu Zaishi wailed to the camera as he walked to the park. While Lin Tao and Liu Zaishi were heading for Ruai Island Park, the others were also heading there. .............................. Demon Park Myung-soo cleverly borrowed a set of courier clothes and a battery car, then hid his blue tail in his clothes and carefully disguised himself to go to Ruai Island Park to get help through the unlimited customer service center. Agreed, haha after arriving at the MBC TV station, found that Lin Tao captured the figure of Lu hongzhe and Zheng junhe, suddenly felt wrong, so decisively evacuated the scene, looking at the park, want to seek help there. Zheng Hengdun, who was lured by Lin Tao to a distant s. M company,fenugreek saponins, finally realized that it was wrong after waiting for Lin Tao for an hour. When asked about the company's security, he found that Lin Tao had never been to the company today, and he was completely cheated.
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